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sat 01 mar 03

+ ny times travel: paseo del prado, havana.

+ gas prices in downtown santa fe have shot up to $1.96 for high octane.

+ observer.uk: revealed, u.s. dirty tricks to win war resolution. the text of the memo. i don't care if 'members expect to be bugged.' this is *wrong.*

+ toronto star: ramsey clark, former attorney general ... "why does bush push to silence free speech?" via rc3.

+ send a banana-gram. [scroll frame down to bottom]

+ devshed: building xml trees with php.

+ monthly review: the socialist feminist project.

+ new scientist: "stupidity is a genetic disease that should be cured." not touching this one, not with a ten foot pole.

+ nandotimes: zapatista supporters seize american-owned ranch in chiapas.

+ fametracker: battle of the hardest-working crusty british character actors in show biz.

+ iol: young aborigines finding solace in islam. militant islamism seems to speak to the oppressed. of course, this points to a solution ... if any government has the basic intelligence to embrace it.

+ lulu wants you.

+ caught in passing ... "photoshop is cheaper than botox."

+ nukalert. oh my ... i simply have to get one of these for my next trip through los alamos.

+ dp review: the 1-2-3 of digital imaging e-book. over 2000 pages, $39.95. sounds intriguing.

+ the register: the great year 2003 bug. another email hoax innocents are buying wholesale.

+ battlestar galactica, re-imagined? it wasn't that good in the first place. more farscape, s.v.p.

+ up and at 'em! places to go, things to do ... photographs to take.