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fri 28 feb 03

+ ny times analysis: new element in iraq mix. the bush administration decides, suddenly, that disarmament is not enough. saddam must go, too. more on the sudden stonewall tactic.

+ yeeeeooow! evening news proclaimed that the santa fe watershed is at 100% snowpack (meeting the average). any more will be gravy, and help to counteract the longstanding drought. we'll need a couple more winters with this kind of snowpack and precip to truly recover. this is very, very good news.

+ i see they're talking game theory on metafilter, as applicable to iraq. rather than get drowned in technical treatises, try "strategies in poker, business and war" by john mcdonald. i have an original printing, 1950, but it seems they're still reprinting it. though without robert osborn's fantastic cartoon illustrations, i fear. it's a classic, and well worth the purchase price.

+ cnn: the pledge of allegiance remains unconstitutional. i wonder what the descendants of the original pledge creator think about the alterations to their ancestor's intellectual property?

+ rebecca's reference to the federalist papers had me thinking, looking at some old references. balance the federalist papers, with the anti-federalist papers, via chronology. more energetic debate back then, than we get nowadays ... shades of senator byrd. these also reminded me of one of america's first foreign policy challenges, thomas jefferson and the barbary pirates. glean parallels at will.

+ a conversation brought up eyebrow grooming for men. looks like sean connery wore 'falsies' for james bond ... later: anita points me to 'prior art' on eyebrows, from antipixel. how could i have forgotten?

+ austral. via vowe.

+ ny times: u.s. diplomat's letter of resignation. many people will link this, but it's worth emphasizing. this quote resonates: "we have begun to dismantle the largest and most effective web of international relationships the world has ever known. our current course will bring instability and danger, not security." this is something a bunch of us discussed when the 2000 campaign was still going on, and i'm sad to see our 'doubtful' prophecy come true. 'doubtful' in that we feared this result, but never really believed it could happen.

+ apple: idisk utility for windows xp.

+ earthweb: make a quick style sheet.

+ telegraph.uk: why humans want to wage wars.

+ washington post: balladeer tom glazer has passed away.

now, down in that town there's a feller working there,
he ain't a barber but he gets in people's hair;
he gets paid to squeeze, gets paid to twist,
they call this critter a lobbyist.
he's high pressure. all thumbs. fits any size buttonhole.
- talkin' inflation blues

and don't we need our folksingers now, more than ever?

+ seattle times: the overplayed breast cancer/abortion connection is discounted by the national cancer institute.

+ donga.com: north korea tests long-range missile. the ship missile is one thing, but this is another: "... north korea is believed to have tested a rocket booster in january at a taepodong ballistic missile launch site in musudanri, hamgyeong-bukdo, as confirmed by u.s. spy satellite photos and other intelligence reports ..." as i've mentioned countless times before, the taepodong 2 will likely have the range to hit the western u.s.

+ courier-mail: assassins inside iraq. "u.s. military special forces have been inside iraq for months and aim to capture or kill iraqi president saddam hussein within three hours of an assault on baghdad." are we prosecuting war just to circumvent the 'ford doctrine' against assassination?

+ hello: jennifer lopez needs six limos to travel 200 yards for a bit of lunch. forget 'no war for oil.' no war for 'jenny who can't walk a block.'

+ i should stop carping about the news, and put my carping to good use. the world carp classic. i wonder ... do you wade out and wrestle 'em?

+ yahoo news: u.s. racial profiling must stop, says civil rights group.

+ enn: senators, organic industry, resist new biotech corn.

+ the american prospect: meet mr. credibility. wesley clark. i have a feeling clark would be the best candidate to counter bush in '04.

+ the gulag's archipelago.

+ washington post: defining 'patriotic liberalism.'

+ the register: windows update keeps tabs on all system software.

+ ah, finally. wired discovers the los alamos study group. to comment on the article, if you've ever lived around a large university, you know professors and grad students are, well, focused. you can imagine the security situation at los alamos; security people have to 'round up' a herd of scientists who have their own 'logical' view of the role of security. terrorists aside, it is a major pain for los alamos security. it strikes me that this is an inherently insecure relationship, that needs a further 'perimeter' to meet fear-monger post-9/11 security concerns.

+ my earthlink account is giving only intermittent access to my zope instance here. i'm using my 'backup' isp. posting is difficult at the moment. hope it clears.

+ spectator.uk: it's worse than you imagined. a rather graphic 'exposé' of the causes of the african aids epidemic.

+ times of india: north korea says u.s. war games test 'nuclear war.'

+ the atlantic: wynton's blues. whither innovative jazz?

+ ny times contributor: a friend in the neighborhood. easily rates the best read of the day. go, now.

+ ny times op-eds: kristof and krugman, the two "k's," of course. secret, scary plans, and no relief in sight. as to the latter, the escalating korean crisis will also likely keep spending depressed.

+ ny times: 36 hours in key west. what, not even a photograph to seduce my snow-bound eyes?

+ ny times: gypsies in slovakia complain of sterilizations. "... she was lying in a birthing chair when a nurse took her hand and forced her to sign a paper."

+ ny times: cornell makes a huge e-mail faux pas.

+ ny times: the lure of the 'naked' motorcycle.

+ ny times: a salesman for bush's tax plan who has belittled similar ideas. too many leopards changing their spots, methinks.

+ ny times: nasa, the email, the adhesive.

+ more snow! don't think i'm getting buried, though. the midday sun melts it all away rather swiftly. but the mountains stay white.