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thu 27 feb 03

+ i keep seeing articles in my aggregator about rowan williams being made archbishop, but my poor overworked brain keeps thinking of this individual.

+ bbc: france poised to surpass britain as world's fourth largest economy.

+ helpful hints for parents and teachers, how to explain the demise of mr. rogers.

+ early office museum.

+ the modern antiquarian. uk.

+ dp review: kodak will finally release the dcs-14n. and boy, are they backordered. every photographer i talk to has already placed an order. i want one so bad i could just spit.

+ are you in the market to purchase an iowa homestead? if you're tired of the rat race, it's an attractive option. question is, does the weblog and weblog name come with it? [big grin.]

+ css stylesheet browser. via the daily dash o' links.

+ looks like my image and gallery server is having problems at the moment. i'm aware.

+ american conservative magazine: the madness of empire. via mefi.

+ "the bush credibility gap." craig's really finding some great links, as usual, over at booknotes.

+ bbc: riddle of the 'baghdad batteries.'

+ iodynamics: root 101.

+ xml.com: extreme programming and xml. when i see the term 'extreme programming,' i can't help but visualize someone bungee-jumping while attempting to type on a ti-book.

+ science daily: physicist designs 'perfect' automotive engine.

+ forbes: biotechs see dollar signs in war.

+ national center for policy analysis: charity by religious congregations. "interestingly, cnaan found no difference in the level of support to the needy provided by liberal mainline churches or conservative evangelical churches." my experience is, for any given charity, a denomination may withhold assistance based on what other denominations are assisting. and who gets the majority of the publicity. but that's just my experience; one information point in a sea of circumstance.

+ new scientist: global population forecast falls. and, also from new scientist, mini-sub to investigate the general belgrano. guess they're running out of really old wrecks?

+ the hindu: russian plan for saddam's exit.

+ ny times: solar power from a white house roof. not a single mention of the carter solar water heaters, or reagan's removal of that apparatus.

+ chicago tribune: supreme court justices shun chicago gun suit. interesting.

+ two on greenspan ... he warns about delaying the fix of social security, and criticizes using the consumer price index as a base of costs for social security.

+ ananova: missing african fishermen turn up in ... brazil.

+ new straits time: afghanistan has regained it's top position as world's largest opium grower.

+ the american prospect: the administration's stealth attack on unions. stealthy only if you don't read the news.

+ scienceblog: fossil records show methane in seafloor sediments released during periods of rapid climate warming.

+ dp review's got a lot of good stuff today. a preview of the sony dsc-v1. a review of acdsee 5 powerpack. canon powershot s50. and the pièce de résistance, the canon eos-d60 becomes the eos-10d. hands-on.

+ al-qaeda and the internet.

+ scotsman.com: unique or just freaks? self-harm in entertainment.

+ leonardo da vinci, master draftsman.

+ los alamos monitor: university of california promotes los alamos whistleblower. use this to counter other b.s. you'll hear today.

+ ny times op-ed: saving the wall that saved new york. the photo gave me a flash, for a monument to the dead. request, from each the victim's families, one of their shoes. bronze them. bolt them, without names, along the walls. sort of like the vietnam veteran's memorial, but reflecting the horrible suspense that we all went through, wondering who was alive, who was gone. only correlate the names by a master plaque in the middle of the pit. personally, i wouldn't bronze the shoes ... leaving them to decay as the memory of the event decays. but the families would probably differ. the sheer number of shoes would have the same effect as the number of names on the vietnam monument, giving scale to the tragedy.

+ ny times: bush and pentagon wrangle over war budget request. somehow, it's like taking your kids to the grocery store when they're hungry, and trying to keep them from devouring the place.

+ ny times: white house concedes that counterterror budget is meagre. "that's a disappointment ... [snip] ... a disappointment when the executive branch gets micro-managed by the legislative branch."

+ ny times: orchids in the bronx. beautiful.

+ ny times: and the threat level is lowered. you can stand down to 'duct-con 3.' the tape and plastic can go back in the garage.

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe becomes the first city in new mexico to raise the minimum wage. a great comment: "please keep me in poverty."

+ cnn: a concorde loses part of its rudder. bah, i don't care. i'd still give an eyetooth to fly on one of those birds.

+ is performance on this site really slow this morning, or is it my isp? it's taking forever to post things this morning. i may just have to leave blogging on a back burner.

+ snow day. wish i could have gotten closer to the mountains; they look quite frosty:

snow day, santa fe, new mexico, february 27, 2003.

+ cnn: mr. rogers has passed away. i should probably go out and buy a cardigan sweater and boat sneakers to revere his memory.

+ snow and ice. cars are driving nice and slow. quiet today.