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wed 26 feb 03

+ unix review pans "making use of python."

+ new scientist: nuclear bunker busters come under scrutiny. "... because a negative assessment is likely to be contested by the pentagon, he thinks the study is more likely to merely delay rather than halt rnep's development." nobody *needs* nukes.

+ nature: don't eat yellow worms. indicators of arsenic in the soil.

+ freshmeat: liquidclassifieds xml [php- and post-nuke].

+ guardian.uk: incredulity at the 'solving' of mexican murder spree. yeah, right. blame all the juarez deaths on an egyptian who's been incarcerated since '95. oh yeah.

+ ananova: climber falls 1,700 feet, dusts himself off, and proceeds to summit.

+ times.uk: chuck out your oven. "brotmanís aggressive disapproval of the oven is typical of raw-foodists, many of whom believe that cooking is tantamount to serving poison." *sigh*. more halos to contend with.

+ nature: climate change, somebody's fault. oh, i love this. "... in theory science could identify the contribution of a single vehicle to an increase in probability of a particular climate event. and the oil companies could be sued for the damage. could society cope?" it's a subscription or pay-for only article. but that summary is juicy.

+ changing a few things. three days on the home page here, seven pages in what was the 'last four days' pullbox over on the right. other little stuff. most other weblogs seem to average five days on the main page, but i'd kill you with a slow download if i did that.

+ that storm is overhead now. thunder, lightning, rain, sleet ... gradually turning to snow. i think. the clouds are moving fast. wild.

+ site note: looks like newsisfree has stopped scraping dangerousmeta! for an rss feed. i'd advise dropping it from your aggregator. i really appreciate their having allowed me to be a lazy butt for the last year or so. guess i'll have to find time to craft my own, now.

+ impending storm approach, around 3 pm today. a lot larger than my normal image postings, but worth it. should be a smidge brighter than this, but i'd have lost cloud detail:

approaching storm, santa fe, new mexico, february 26, 2003.

+ cnn: engineers feared shuttle wing burning. "one day before the columbia disaster, senior nasa engineers raised concerns the shuttle's left wing might burn off and cause the deaths of the crew, describing a scenario much like the one investigators believe happened."

+ cnn: judge orders defendant's mouth duct-taped shut. um, would it be too logical to suggest that they adjourn the court and clearly explain the situation to the defendant, rather than gag him?

+ los alamos monitor: wall-to-wall inventory nearly half finished. "the laboratory has property literally all over the world. at any given moment, a piece of equipment might be on loan to another laboratory, or in transit for use in a non-proliferation project in russia. about 10,000 out of the 80,000 items in inventory may be put out to salvage during the course of the year." wired today seems to have it in for los alamos [see santa fe new mexican article below, with points the wired/ap article doesn't touch]. i'd like to see wired do an inventory of all the items *they've* bought over past years, and account for everything.

+ women's enews: bush extends 'global gag rule' to his $15bill aids initiative.

+ ny daily news: city misses countless homeless.

+ bbc: ancient human dna claims made. not 'jurassic park' ... 'olduvai park'?

+ bbc: e. coli breakthrough made.

+ php builder: php iterator.

+ camblog.

+ is it me, or are there some really whacky op-eds out there today? the opinion articles seem particularly poor.

+ expatica: france ups greenhouse gas restrictions.

+ nj.com/ap: court says shell oil must pay millions for cleanup. "the core of the ruling requires shell to pay to return the property to its original state after completing oil and gas activity, even if the estimated cost of a cleanup is significantly higher than the value of the land itself." hot damn, that's good news, too.

+ wwf/panda.org: well, this is just *fabulous.* italy's going to ban old tanker access to its harbors. "... forbids access of tankers 15 years and older, as well as single-hulled tankers with a capacity of over 5,000 tons ..." i hope more countries adopt this kind of strategy. they were talking double-hulls back before the valdez went down; it's way past time for double-hulls to be standard on the seas.

+ cnn: godspeed, pioneer 10.

+ perl.com: building a vector space search engine in perl. interesting. save this for post-dental-grog.

+ cnet news.com: sun blade servers to use amd chips. i thought i found this a while ago. no matter.

+ dp review: pentax announces smallest, lightest digital slr. the *ist D. worst name since prince changed his name to an icon, imho. has some interesting specs, tho.

+ internetnews.com: pda's might fade away.

+ times of india: "mother of all bombs" may be tested in iraq. "moab's massive explosive punch, sources say, is similar to a small nuclear weapon." so who needs a nuke for this dustup?

+ dave nails it. "i wish i hadn't clicked the link." oh, i can empathize.

+ policy: environmental trade sanctions, what's at stake. depends on how you define and feel about "growth." modern industrialization, versus more eco-friendly and localized industry. unfortunately, too many hands grasping for profits, obfuscating the best path. then again, i'm just tired of fighting developers pursuing their "growth" in the local area here.

+ this is london: beauty by design.

+ ny times op-ed: politicians in judge's robes. hwo can the judicial branch be a check on the executive and legislative branches, if this sloppy bit of jurisprudence becomes the law of the land?

+ ny times letters to the editor: when france lectures america.

+ ny times: fiddling while venice sinks.

+ ny times: court rules for abortion protestors. trying to curtail the 'overexuberance' of pro-life protestors through racketeering laws was real stretch. let's hope there is some future jurisprudence to inject a little common sense into the situation, however.

+ i'm back, but a little groggy. you'll forgive any strange posts i might create, i'm sure.

+ santa fe new mexican: record of guns at lab flawed. big to-do over an internal inventory list. "the lab did provide purchasing documents for those weapons, and the firearms were all physically accounted for by doe investigators." it's good that the doe is checking up on things, though, isn't it?

+ santa fe new mexican: wal-mart faceoff in taos.

+ reuters: suv's are being discussed on capitol hill.

+ moveable monstah type.

+ snowing to beat the band outside. and i've got an appointment with the dentist at 9, for a filling. leave extra time to clean off the car.