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tue 25 feb 03

+ cnn: flight deck video found from columbia. also, more on the wing tile found earlier today. orange flecks (bringing to mind the foam covering on the external tank is orange) on the tile itself.

+ webdevtips wants you to share your web design tips and tricks.

+ nj.com/ap: volunteers to count homeless in manhattan. i agree that this will come up with a number, but not an accurate one. you have to be willing to venture into alleys, bridge abutments, holes, and bus, railway and subway tunnels that no human being should have to tread. i doubt these 'volunteers' have the cojones.

+ usa today: war could justify targeting saddam. bush might repeal the 'ford doctrine' on assassination of foreign leaders.

+ femail.co.uk: are you at risk of food poisoning? beware the cajun-blackened anything; that's the favorite way to hide bad fish. food poisoning can result in lifelong debilitation, too. if you carry the hla-b27 gene [usually undiscovered until after], it could 'turn on the switch' for rheumatoid inflammation, permanently. it's not pretty. so when you get that meal, don't be embarrassed to go ahead and return that pink chicken or pink pork.

+ "worldometers." how extremely cool. take a look.

+ does your religion support organ donation? methylsalicylate, when she came to visit santa fe, introduced me to the concept of donating your skeleton for medical purposes, now that india has put a moratorium on exports. conceivably, with good coordination, you could completely recycle yourself. no sense in letting the worms get everything.

+ forbes: bush climate plan lacks focus, says the national academy of sciences.

+ nj.com/ap: tate britain presents a new take on rodin.

+ cnn: west texas debris part of shuttle wing.

+ susan's done extensive linkage on the missile issue, over at 2020 hindsight.

+ wired: nuke lab can't keep snoops out. not again. this chucklehead's joking, right? i mean, you visit a ghost town, you don't expect the sheriff to show up. "black operations" ... pfft. this area hasn't been in use since 1952 [except for relatively low-level science experiments and bacteriological releases]. his own pictures illustrated the abandonment of the site. your grandmother could walk in, if she cared to glow in the dark afterwards. since it was snowing, i'd wager the guard had tucked his gun and electronic gear under his coat; his clothing betrays that he was unprepared for the precip. try breaching one of the active radioactive storage areas if you want to dice with death; tech area security is *not* an issue at los alamos. this guy needs to hang out with the folks at the los alamos study group, who richly deserve the nationwide attention for their efforts. they've been doing good, quantifiable work in this vein. anyone for a dirty bomb made out of cattails [joking - i think]?
later: here's a freebie, he should try area g or hang out at the darht facility, to attain any sort of relevance. there's no secret here; it's all available on google.
even later: a friend pointed this out ... the ufo conspiracy theorists like technical area 33, too. and other alien abduction groups. i'm surprised the guards don't carry nerf guns.
even even later: the author lists an old threat assessment on his site. technical area 18 is getting lots of attention, and security, right now, post-september-11. threat level orange also brings increased security at the labs. don't panic. i think it's clear i care more about the environmental effects of the surfeit of nuclear materials, than i wring my hands over terrorists. the former will kill, whereas the latter only might.

+ itv: is tie-wearing sex discrimination? oh, please ... do tell me i can retire my tie collection. yet, this would be guaranteed to impress, don't you think?

+ bbc: u.s. in nuclear fusion rethink. remember the tokamac? fusion is the future. we should be involved.

+ bbc: three british men to be honoured by russia for their efforts to raise the kursk. and they deserve every bit of recognition they get. it was an amazing feat.

+ village voice: cops stop photo ops at anti-war rallies. the sequence of photos. "i've had cameras smashed by police and protesters. but nobody has ever told me that i'm not allowed to do my job."

+ science blog: whereas plants seem to retain gm modifications, mosquitoes don't.

+ washington post: the political mind behind tort reform. karl rove.

+ businessweek: where to ride out the iraq storm. of course, you can guess, can't you? defense and energy stocks.

+ ny post: charlton heston displays the devastation of alzheimer's. nra/political issues aside, it kills me to think of judah ben-hur felled this way.

+ okay, this is more positive. 'mobius shoes'. cool concept. though, with legs like that, anything would look great.

+ what a depressing bunch of postings, and i sound like a wet blanket. it's the grey weather, obviously ...

+ forbes: biotechs worth less than cash.

+ seedquest: scientist develops eco-friendly and inexpensive hair gel from soybean and safflower seeds.

+ pbs/nova: the dirty bomb.

+ dialect poems by paul laurence dunbar. "his style encompasses two distinct voices - the standard English of the classical poet and the evocative dialect of the turn-of-the-century black community in america."

+ crossnodes: sysadmin tales of terror. our version of 'fear factor.'

+ dp review: lexar announces 40x compact flash media ... 6mb per sec writes?!! great stuff.

+ zdnet.uk: weblogs on the line. who's got the green to support audio and video permalink archives?

+ ft.com: stupid white men. "look at the institutions that man has placed his trust in to build a better world - the monarchy, the church, the commune, political parties. have any of them done as much good with as little praise as the joint-stock company?"

+ okay, one more. albany puts contraceptives center stage. "advocates say that providing wider access to emergency contraceptives would help prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the abortion rate. but some abortion opponents say that it could pose long-term health risks for women, encourage irresponsible sexual behavior and lead to more abortions in cases where it destroys a fertilized egg." ru-486 is a significant step away from conventional abortions. it's a much better solution, and would reduce by half the conventional abortion rate. it's a big win for both sides of the right-to-life argument. these pills perform the exact same function as the long-accepted iud, except doing their job chemically instead of mechanically.

+ i could link the entire ny times op-ed page today, but i won't. i'll just point up krugman's "threats, promises and lies" [remembering my post yesterday] and the letters to the editor. and move on to other things.

+ ny times: u.s. to resume food shipments to north korea. "... the united states does not use food for political purposes ..." oh, yeah, right. interesting, though, this little concession, in light of the china/australia/south korea recommendation yesterday. it seems that our asian alliances *are* more important than our european ones.

+ ny times: consumer confidence has tanked. wall street responds, though you can see throughout the day that it's trying to recover.

+ santa fe new mexican: howie epstein burned out, didn't fade away.

+ santa fe new mexican: a drunken driver hits a schoolbus full of children near chimayo. he hit the bus while it was standing still, letting off 5 and 8 year olds. blood alcohol of .32.

+ santa fe new mexican: recent snowstorms have brought over 40" of new snow to the santa fe ski basin. excellent news. but worries over the upcoming fire season persist. air tankers and slurry bombers may not be available! good lord, if we don't get more moisture, we'll see carnage this year ... people, as well as forests.

+ reuters: critics decry dangers of u.s. nuclear arms policy. dresden killed more than hiroshima (though not secondarily via radiation poisoning). this is a great moment in the world's history ... either we marginalize nukes across the board worldwide, criminalize their stockpile and use, or we enter into an apocalyptic future. let's not make sir isaac newton's predictions accurate.

+ cnn: saddam challenges bush to a live debate. unfortunately, bush is not a skilled debater. he should use al gore, in 'attack' mode, as a proxy. what a dustup that would be!

+ abc news: ignore the expectations game. momentum seems to be gathering behind gephardt. i am going to have to spend some time and qualify my uneasiness with gephardt. i don't think he's particularly electable against a strong republican campaign, and i don't feel he would be a good president. he has never been able to capture the enthusiasm of any particular voting bloc.

+ la times: missile defense waiver sought. i envision, instead of the accurate rifle bullet, a missile-based gatling gun. making up in quantity for quality. if you live in western canada, i hope you're thinking about reinforcing your roof ... there's a-gonna be a whole lot of junk coming down, if this gets approved.

+ it's awful grey around santa fe these days. and cold. might as well be back in new jersey. snow, darnit, or rain ... do something other than this unrelenting blah ... i fee like i'm in the phantom tollbooth's doldrums.