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mon 24 feb 03

+ amazon says 'the horseman on the roof' will be available on dvd june 4. well, that's a must. still no word on 'ridicule.' kieslowski's "three colors" on march 4.

+ speaking of which, i'd really like to have resizeable text areas.

+ i have this horrible habit of seeing someone else's post that lights something up in me, click up their comments section, write and rewrite a long text piece ... think better of it, and erase it. i need to get a life. yet, in writing and rewriting that piece, i discover more about what my core values are. that's what keeps me coming back to weblogging ... finding out about the world, other people ... and myself. it's really quite a phenom.

+ ny times: first, we have germany, france and russia issue an informal memorandum against war in iraq, partially because of lack of evidence. then, we have china, australia and south korea urging the administration open talks with north korea. as the bush administration promotes unilateralism and pre-emption, so our closest allies are questioning the value of u.s. leadership and are beginning to explore other diplomatic arrangements between themselves.

+ ny times: bush offers governors optimism, but no federal monies. "... you know, these economists predicted in the blue-chip forecast that the economy would grow at 3.3 percent if congress responded to a stimulative package ..." bush is still shilling the falsehood that was called out from last thursday's speech.

+ usa today: partners blamed for one-fifth of violence against women. "... 33% of all killings of women in 2000 were at the hands of an intimate partner, compared with just 4% of male murder victims ..." ye gods, what a statistic.

+ builder.com: an overview of the new xpointer spec. and, javascript and regular expressions. every second you spend learning regular expressions has a direct payoff in exponentially lower amounts of drudge work.

+ sitepoint: debt collection for freelancers. and let me tell you, it's an art and science unto itself. an additional skill you need besides your artistic or programming abilities. if you're not comfortable dealing with collections, think again about being freelance.

+ spaceflight now: the boomerang nebula, the coolest place in the universe?

+ bbc: opec will attempt to cover any shortages if war with iraq is prosecuted.

+ pagesix: angelina jolie loses billy bob. next time, a nice temporary might be the trick. at least for the first couple of years.

+ bespacific: librarians and the patriot act.

+ freshmeat: phpwebsite content management system. 0.9 rc4.

+ scoop.uk: secret gm crop trials used terminator genes. "the 'doomsday scenario' is that sterility could spread across populations of brassicas (like broccoli, mustard and cauliflower) and also of wild relatives, and ultimately lead to their extermination." play god in the laboratory, kiddies, not in the fields.

+ seafood.com: meat prices expected to rise. buy that freezer.

+ dogs in cars. this one's a peach. yet, i'm uneasy posting this in that so many accidents are caused by unrestrained pets in autos. personal experience on this one.

+ the ten most popular quotes at thinkexist.com. "if one does not know to which port is sailing, no wind is favorable." - seneca.

+ new scientist posts their link list, and names of reviewers.

+ mit, lightness perception and lightness illusions.

+ cornell, environmental inquiry.

+ sunspot: narrative gives sketch of woman's life as slave. "... southern women often marry a man knowing that he is the father of many little slaves. they do not trouble themselves about it. they regard such children as property, as marketable as pigs on the plantation."

+ wwf/panda.org: ships of old help map global warming. correlating historical ship's logs and crewmen's journals with climate change. sometimes ideas are so simple, so obvious, you can't help but *not* see them.

+ nj.com: the last of the hand-painted sign artists?

+ dp review: two articles, first is about a new medium format digital camera back from fuji. 20.8 megapixels, 7.6k x 5.4k. second article mentions a sony competitor to the canon g3. 5 megapixel (one more than the canon), and the carl zeiss lens. so many of the new point-and-shoots only give a 35mm wide angle equivalent. i'd miss my 28mm sunset shots ... and would even like a 24.

+ slashdot: do scripters suffer discrimination?

+ times of india: missing nuclear material in nigeria. cesium 137, in theory the ideal ingredient for a 'dirty bomb.'

+ times of india: "grisly man-eating flies in mexico." wherein lurks a great script for a horror flick.

+ ny times op-ed: marbury vs. madison vs. ashcroft. an important read.

+ ny times op-ed: wounded democrats check out an ever-growing, ever-hungry crowd. there isn't a single democratic candidate yet who inspires any sort of enthusiasm or passion. a puddle of muddle.

+ ny times: border towns are close enough to touch, but worlds apart. sitzkrieg.

+ santa fe new mexican: well, you heard about santa fe's "toilet tax," i assume. we have been joking about 'the trail of painted potties' ... now they're actually going to do it. i have this urge ...

+ santa fe new mexican/ap: missing monkey raises ire over lab. "a week and a half later, though, all they've found in their search is an angry town armed with new ammunition against a proposed biodefense research center that the university says would study the world's deadliest diseases for the effort to protect the country from bioterrorism."

+ i'm back, but it's going to take me a little bit to get spooled up.

+ happy first anniversary, chris.

+ morning meetings. postings will start towards noon mst today.