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sun 23 feb 03

+ ny times: regulation of dietary drugs long overdue. if and when it happens, the fitness magazines will scream that this is a big fat gift to the drug companies. but companies are proving they will not responsibly dispense these herbs, in safe combination ... and people are being patently idiotic when it comes to 'miracle' weight loss cures.

+ ny times: u.s. approach on north korea is straining alliances in asia. "south koreans have paid close attention to the recent rift between washington and its traditional european allies, germany and france, and many complain that the talk of an american withdrawal is fed by the petulance of a united states that is not accustomed to asian allies articulating a strong vision of their own security interests."

+ ny times: at cnn, a struggle to be less tabloid. it's an admirable goal ... but running up against uber-tabloidish msnbc and fox, bound to garner less ratings. very sad to say, tabloid style will bring in the bucks. better to just turn off the television, hit the media websites for your main course, and then spice your reading with the salt of weblogs.

+ ny times: ratings agency says it erred in measuring web site use. oopsie.

+ ny times: norah jones gets best song grammy for "don't know why." well-deserved. it's been a good year for fresh music.

+ reuters: republican governors say tax hikes unavoidable. "i think it shows we're willing to be leaders." oh, puh-leeze. i doubt you'll ever see that statement applied to a democratic governor raising taxes. spin, baby, spin.

+ reuters: "world unites to warn iraq to meet march 1 deadline." it starts.

+ the entire 'cross currents' article list has some really fascinating items. try also, "economic sanctions, just war, and the 'fearful spectacle of civilian dead,'" that takes the concept of sanctions and calls it out as teflon-coated siege warfare. umberto eco contributes, with "when the other appears." i haven't agreed with everything i've read, but i'm definitely going to have to dive into all these articles at some point.

+ cross currents: on the rhetoric of "a war on terrorism." "when we totally dehumanize our enemies, the terrorists, once again, have won. what democratic nations are grounded on is equality of all persons, that no person is below consideration. and at the heart of christianity is the notion that all persons, no matter how sinful, are made in the image of god."

+ after my last post, i came upon a speech from john foster dulles. i'll have to delve further into the eisenhower administration, it's challenges, it's responses..

+ santa fe new mexican: new bombs amid new threats. there's an unspoken inevitability about this, that i abhor. america has used nuclear threats many times before (1945 hiroshima, nagasaki; 1946 ussr and northern iran; 1950 chosen reservoir korea; 1953 china; 1954 the french call for help at dienbenphu; 1962 cuban missile crisis]. i'll flesh those out with links if i have time, later today. but you can google too, can't you?

+ been off playing with plone, in an effort to evaluate whether it's the right framework on which to hang the next "behind the curtain" project.

+ off for food shopping.