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fri 21 feb 03

+ okay, that takes the cake for strange spam. someone emailed me, selling firewood.

+ saw interesting cloudage while out walking. looked better in black and white:

trees, santa fe, new mexico, february 21, 2003.

+ hey, did you know you can *hear* every president since harrison? realplayer or mp3. teddy roosevelt's statement is quite timely. don't have time for all of them at the moment ...

+ scientific american: a scientist feels that enthusiasm for the yucca mountain nuclear waste disposal project outstrips the actual science.

+ smoogle: "search weblogs before the web." oh, the discrimination ... i don't use radio or blogspot.

+ scientific american: a new fossil discovered in tanzania may trim some of the human evolutionary tree.

+ middle east times: islam's business ties france to iraq. but ... "they've certainly made deals. have they made any serious business? hardly. there's no way you can invest in iraq with the sanctions of an embargoed regime." so, i'd say you can pretty much drop the 'profit motive in iraq' concept for the french position.

+ seattle times: "the power of duck." maybe more research money should be spent on finding beneficial symbiosis, rather than solely for genetic engineering of foodstuffs.

+ washington post: they started it. "if republicans believe in voting for quality - their argument for estrada - why didn't they confirm kagan and snyder? the answer is obvious: we have before us, sadly, a fierce political struggle for control of the courts." they may have started it, but there's no reason to descend to their level, either. calling it out loudly and publicly is a start. further reading on the subject at the american prospect.

+ three gorges probe: three gorges pollution shocks environmentalists. "some of the bands of pollution stretched continuously for as much as two kilometres."

+ bbc: tree planting warning over global warming. in the kyoto agreement, one of the items the u.s. and others were holding out over was their promotion of using trees as 'carbon dioxide sinks.' apparently, the theory doesn't work so well.

+ desktop linux: using linux at home, part one, part two.

+ the register: how to guess an atm pin in 15 tries.

+ bbc: french hit out at u.s. cinema. "if we look at what the united states is exporting to the world that is creative, it has to do with computer, it has to do with software, it has to do with other kinds of technology - not the ideas."

+ times of india: bush and blair give iraq a 21-day countdown to disarm or face war.

+ ny times: kenneth pollack, a last chance to stop iraq. okay, i read here that five divisions from iraq moved towards syria in october 2000. never heard about that, so i do a little googling.

+ the santa fe new mexican site chooses to front-page french-bashing in america. i haven't seen anyone advertising 'freedom fries' in santa fe, however.

+ ny times op-ed: the martial plan. this administration 'forgets' a line-item for rebuilding afghanistan, and makes a deal to deliver iraqi kurds to turkish overlords. krugman: "moral clarity!"

+ ny times: as i mentioned yesterday, the fcc decision will likely be reflected in dsl broadband prices.

+ cnn: four teachers stoned to death, believed to have cast an 'evil spell' of ebola. so horrifically ironic that superstition killed educators; educators should be able to help citizens shuck the tyranny of superstition.

+ cnn: transplant teen has irreversible brain damage. so, would you really cap the pain-and-suffering for this poor girl at a one-size-fits-all $250,000?

+ i'm back, but there's work to be done.

+ orion society: matthiessen, "lighting the fuse."

+ a little more snow last night. as i warned yesterday, i am off to meetings this morning. back here early afternoon.