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thu 20 feb 03

+ this is the fifty-third post today. i think that's a most-ever. not bad for a bloody hand-coder, eh? a 'posting diet' is on the menu tomorrow. a morning meeting will preclude postings till afternoon.

+ dc.internet.com: fcc wins one, loses one. "a sharply divided fcc ruled the bells will no longer have to share their high-speed fiber lines with broadband competitors but also decided the bells would have to continue to share their local voice copper lines." watch dsl prices.

+ new scientist: error messages unlock ssl. "by generating 160 altered messages and analysing the error messages they prompted, they successfully worked out a password eight characters in length." nothing's private, on the net. not really.

+ nandotimes: monarch butterflies make an amazing comeback in mexico. you'll remember they were believed almost decimated last year.

+ msnbc: kudos to those who fight racism.

+ expatica netherlands: the 'mini-moo.'

+ utv: as the french have issues with 'false' truffles, the irish are having similar problems with potatoes.

+ newsweek: oh, jeez. bush was a dke frat boy. a freakin' deke. it's the end of the world.

+ ny times: seven states to sue epa over carbon dioxide emissions.

+ seafood.com: cooking in danger of becoming a lost art among generation y.

+ cnet news.com: fingerprinting p2p pirates.

+ ny times: saddam may get a taste of directed-energy weapons.

+ reuters: wild game feast didn't lead to mad cow disease, says the cdc. turns out those hunters who shared a wild game feast didn't all die of cjd.

+ cnn: and the debt ceiling goes up. might want to check out the dnc's "bush's broken promises" page. some really good quotes from george, like: "tax relief is central to my plan to encourage economic growth, and we can proceed with tax relief without fear of budget deficits, even if the economy softens." gotta find a place to save these, before they disappear into the 'net ozone. and, coincidentally, in reuters, bush says growth depends on his latest tax cut. we bought the swampland in florida last time, george. sorry.

+ snow. not much, but this means the mountains are getting pounded, and that's good:

snow, santa fe, new mexico, february 20, 2003.

+ adobe photoshop album.

+ buried in this fuji press release is the announcement of fuji velvia 100 asa.

+ pollingreport: bush's job ratings have fallen significantly. monthly trends. those partisans who crowed about the high marks, cannot now honestly dismiss the low.

+ xml.com: simple xml processing with elementtree.

+ internet news: fcc to vote on bell deregulation ... maybe. "... sent both politicians and lobbyists into another week of frenzied negotiating." oh, boy. lobbyists. what cascades of cash will be changing hands ...

+ ny daily news: homeless may hit record 40,000 in manhattan. "throwing them out on the street on a day like today or many days this winter is a death sentence." the highest point was '91, at the end of the reagan/bush 'homeless holocaust.' compassionate conservatism, indeed.

+ express.uk: defendant hurls bible at bailey judge. wonder what the archbishops would say about using the bible as a weapon.

+ iafrica: british church leaders question morality of war.

+ miami herald: french spy planes to assist u.n. in iraq.

+ meed.com: iran-based opposition crosses iraqi border.

+ the street: market shrugs off a triple-shock of data shockers. face it, the economy stinks. "wholesale prices, the trade deficit and first-time claims for unemployment benefits all shot up, the government said, ending a string of better-than-expected economic data and again casting doubt on the pace of economic recovery."

+ nj.com/ap: new mexico advertises a rarity, tax cuts. yeah, well, i'm worried about next year. it was party-bucking republican gary johnson who got our economy into the current state of health. richardson's trying to attract business to new mexico. goooood luck.

+ one world: poisoning the well ... the genetic pollution of maize. "despite all the manipulation, denials, evasive tactics, pseudo-scientific falsehoods, half truths, euphemisms, roundabout justifications and attempted cover-ups, maize has been genetically polluted in its centre of origin." an irresponsible and criminal application of genetic engineering. this should be shouted from the rooftops, this story. [ related ]

+ abc news: scientists challenge assertion that sex drives aids epidemic in africa. needles and transfusions, not sex.

+ the register: flying to the u.s.? give us.gov all your data.

+ nandotimes: black leaders pledge boycott of georgia state flag referendum.

+ naacp slams bush administration policies. they're on the coble story, too. the 'support' of the faith-based initiative is quite cleverly worded.

+ voa: u.s. farmers consider european grass as new crop. but not for eating or decoration ... as biomass. "... miscanthus is grown specifically to be harvested, bailed and burned, usually in a mixture with coal in coal-fired power plants."

+ database journal: synchronize your mysql database with free tool, sqlyog.

+ arianna online: the bottom line on iraq, it's the bottom line. a bit histrionic, but puts numbers to american corporate and governmental 'lassitude' towards iraq. we put iraq on a back burner.

+ sourceforge: flat php website engine.

+ security focus: secure mysql database design.

+ newsmax: human shield use a war crime, according to rumsfeld.

+ freshmeat: empy [python], presenting xml.

+ the register: schoolgirl turns the tables on online credit card fraudster.

+ the register: webloggers, watch out for them 'malicious referrer links.' that's almost as good as 'dangerous meta characters' ...

+ homebuilt u-boat?

+ model rocketry may be killed off by the new homeland security act. and i'm sure the time-honored teen ritual of blowing up mailboxes and school toilets will become "small-t" terrorist actions, to borrow a warblogger phrase. as if most of congress hasn't played with m-80's, black cats and cherry bombs ...

+ slashdot: open code has fewer bugs. an overly-broad conclusion from a small bit of evidence. but it made me smile (since i'm using zope, an open-source product).

+ times of india: liberian gunmen rampage in ivory coast. they're calling it "mad max" country. where are the international peacekeepers?

+ times of india: u.s. must re-impose sanctions on pakistan. pakistan may end up being our islamic nuclear mistake, overlooked in the pursuit of smaller goals.

+ reason: does innovation require intellectual property rights? cloistered, utopian thinking.

+ guardian.uk: write to the top.

+ washington post: saddam hussein, fallen arab hero.

+ santa fe new mexican: house votes to support fine art in schools. the bill still must pass the senate.

+ reuters: mercury threat to kids up, delayed report states. the new york times has a more positive title.

+ reuters: u.s. trade gap jumps to a new record.

+ cnn: shuttle nose gear found intact.

+ overhanging clouds. maybe more snow or rain! good.