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wed 19 feb 03

+ the photographer's right, a downloadable flyer. by an attorney. ran across this on photo.net.

+ niffleblort. snargwhompler. spittlewhiskey. bloganoia. dammit, i'm going to start a new trend, one way or another.

+ reuters: gas tops $2.00/gallon in san fran. and prices are expected to rise throughout the springtime. time to do the spring checkup on my motorcycle ...

+ weblogs.com seems to be down, hard, at the moment. at least from new mexico. later: seems like people are reaching me from weblogs.com. must be an earthlink thing.

+ you clamor, i acquiesce. a desktop of last night's sunset. 1280x1024, 300k. thanks for the nice comments ... and links.

+ webmasterbase: compress web output using mod_gzip and apache.

+ topologi 1.1. collaborative markup editor. xml. linux. os x.

+ webmonkey: director mx versus flash.

+ new scientist: u.s. plans for mini-nuke arsenal revealed.

+ space.com: sungrazing comet possibly hit by solar flare. and they've got pics.

+ new scientist: got bad breath? maybe you should be using a pro-bacterial mouthwash, instead of anti-bacterial.

+ "the gentleman's page."

+ nasa's sts-107 investigation page. here's a blueprint of the hangar layout area for the recovered debris.

+ i may have linked this before; it looks familiar. what the hey. roadsidepeek.com.

+ sunspot: bush is too much the cowboy. an interesting comment here, from major general william g. webster: "i personally see no problem at all staying here for six months, and i think many, many more months than that. ... come summer or not, this force can stay here training and remain ready."

+ ens: animal manure could mop up pollutants. extra impetus for me to buy a horse. i know, i know ... they mentioned chickens. but i can't ride a chicken ...

+ grist: boston cares about its schoolkids. scrubbers on school bus emissions. insist on it in your school district. references at the bottom of the article(s).

+ mandrake linux 9.1 release candidate is available for download.

+ dp review: adobe announces raw and jpeg 2000 plugins for photoshop 7.01.

+ dp review: okay, i may have to eat my words, a little. the new fuji f700 point-n-shoot will be a 3 megapixel high dynamic range super ccd that delivers 6 mp files. i'll be very interested to see the output, but even more, how it will affect other manufacturers.

+ sf gate: choreographing fitness. okay, guys, ballet is harder than you'd ever imagine. instead of having the old macho push-up competitions at beer parties, try 100 pliés instead.

+ australian.it: welcome to bloggers world. "for realism and subtlety, try rebecca blood ..." and not a single reference to that horrible term, -----sphere. virtual metacosm, or simply metacosm, please. we can be *more* than merely a 'blog.'

+ edge.org: the new humanists. "the emergence of this new culture is evidence of a great intellectual hunger, a desire for the new and important ideas that drive our times: revolutionary developments in molecular biology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, artificial life, chaos theory, massive parallelism, neural nets, the inflationary universe, fractals, complex adaptive systems, linguistics, superstrings, biodiversity, the human genome, expert systems, punctuated equilibrium, cellular automata, fuzzy logic, virtual reality, cyberspace, and teraflop machines. among others." now that's a mouthful. good read.

+ reuters: catching graffiti artists ... by satellite. a bit of overkill, maybe?

+ calendarlive: avante science. an endeavour in which art appreciates the beauty of science, and vice-versa.

+ times of india: ships with suspected iraq arms cargo tracked.

+ santa fe new mexican: remains of three women found outside juarez. the maquiladoras again. over 300 deaths, 75 confirmed rape/murders.

+ ny times op-ed: flashback for the kurds. dear mr. president, why not 'tithe' your upcoming military operation? establish a free, sovereign kurdistan. after all, this would be the clear moral thing to do. or, are you a 'tinkling cymbal?'

+ ny times: "joe millionaire" fox's biggest hit. a more labored, amateur production i haven't seen since high school. caught a bit of the finale. just atrocious editing. *atrocious.* makes me want to get back into video editing just to prove the skill is not dead.

+ ny times: ephedra under scrutiny. alwin and i have had discussions about the e-c-a (ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin) 'stack' before. there are probably millions of individuals in america consuming this stuff; all the fitness magazines promote it as the safest, fastest way to get lean. researchers absolutely need to separate the effects of ephedra from the effects of caffeine and aspirin, as well as judging the whole triumvirate together. i'm beginning to believe regulation may be required for this herbal combo (xenadrine is a 'mild' e-c-a stack). later: it is clear bechler should never have been taking ephedrine. in addition to being overweight, and training in high heat and humidity, he had 'moderate' hypertension and liver dysfunction. a very unwise decision, taking xenadrine, in that state of unfitness.

+ ny times: america's cup has the whiff of a rout. how 'bout telling us more about the swiss boat and crew, who are winning so handily, instead of the new zealanders?

+ ny times: 'new' europe barks at 'old' europe.

+ ny times: turkey wants more money for war participation. nothing like having to buy 'faithful allies.' the government is the ally; the people are against the war. remind our troops not to turn their backs.

+ ny times: tense times for americans abroad. "... americans expressed confidence that people nearly everywhere tried to distinguish between them and their government." yet they are living representations of america, and may be treated as such. remember tehran.

+ ny times: panel says shuttle started breakup over california. "... board members also held out the possibility that the debris that hit the shuttle's left wing shortly after takeoff was not insulating foam from the external fuel tank, but might have been ice or a heavy coating beneath the foam or even space debris ..." well, the 'foam' was white, and seemed to vaporize on impact, implying ice to me.

+ reuters: u.s. study finds no new links to gulf war illness.

+ reuters: colin powell says the anti-war camp is "afraid of responsibility."

+ cnn: cipro becoming ineffective.

+ high-handed moral speeches do not guarantee a moral individual, or even an accepted interpretation of religous texts. the example i put forth here is not the only such; history itself makes us wary. "sounding brass" has another definition other than for military marches. one vote here for separation of church and state; there's plenty of room for both.

+ cnn thinks president bush is using religious statements more often in speeches recently. okay, let's have a little political figure 'guess who said it':

"we want honestly to earn the resurrection of our people through our industry, our perseverance, our will. we ask not of the almighty, 'lord, make us free'! - we want to be active, to work, to agree together as brothers, to strive in rivalry with one another to bring about the hour when we can come before him and when we may ask of him: 'lord, thou seest that we have transformed ourselves ..."

click here to find out who. resolve your own judgments about the real value of quasi-religious proclamations from the political pulpit.

+ *sniff* rub the eyes. yeah, i'm here.