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tue 18 feb 03

+ you'd think that it would have lit those clouds orange/pink as it set. it didn't. clouds farther to the west, just at the horizon, blocked it.

+ pre-sunset this eve:

pre-sunset, santa fe, new mexico, february 18, 2003.

+ rupe-india.org: the current strategic agenda of the united states. wow. read this one. this takes a lot of the 'conspiracies' and theories and weaves them all together into a quilt. it all fits really nice, except for one thing. is this an american political thrust, or only a republican/corporate one? would the election of a democrat in 2004 bring this house of cards down? or is there another power in washington? thanks, from above.

+ ny daily news: homeless hurry to seek shelter. if you see homeless individuals, it couldn't hurt to buy one a simple 'happy meal,' or hand the first individual you see an old blanket you're still storing in the closet. make it a point to do this, today. want is keenly felt during such times. never hand over money, however. often it goes into alcohol, or worse. if you're afraid to make contact (homeless are *not* violent, but can look frightening), just leave it near the individual. they'll pick up on it fast enough.

+ new scientist: tracking 'word bursts.' "searching for sudden 'bursts' in the usage of particular words could be used to rapidly identify new trends and sort information more efficiently." niffleblort. snargwhompler. spittlewhiskey. bloganoia. just doing my part.

+ new scientist: hackers pilfer millions of credit card numbers. peruse your visa and mastercard bills carefully for the next couple of months (or, forevermore, really).

+ radio netherlands: scientists highlight higher gm-food health risk. possible link rot after x hours.

+ desktoplinux.com: moving windows users to a desktop linux. win4lin.

+ sourceforge: dustyscript, a programming language for children.

+ playwright peter stone:

question: "why are we americans so sure iraq has weapons of mass destruction?"
answer: "because we kept the receipts!"

+ ny daily news: the previous "world's most evil dictator," ghaddafi, has a couple of solutions to the iraq conflict.

+ the hudson institute: bush vs. greenspan. fun. sure to raise hackles in a couple of consituencies.

+ asian age is reporting on an abc news/washington post poll that only 3% of americans stocked up on duct tape. pffft. inaccurate. everyone's teasing each other right now about the level of panic. again, one must see the actual questions asked by the pollsters in order to judge. but i deem there are few people in america who'd freely admit how panicked they'd gotten.

+ bert lauzon, forty years at the grand canyon, 1911-1951.

+ the folks who brought you "windows 98 annoyances" have gone a bit wider in scope. just this tip alone was worth the look-see.

+ washington post: listen to the doubters. fairly said. i agree with much of this.

+ o'reilly mac dev center: x11 and openoffice on mac os x.

+ rootprompt has a series of online aids towards getting your linux systems administrator certification.

+ dp review has a slew of new posts. what interests me most: the new 24-120 vr lens from nikon. an aside: i firmly believe there's some sort of tacit agreement between manufacturers to hold the line on consumer digicams at 5mp. i really think it's past time to boost those rez levels at the $1,000 price point, don't you?

+ freshmeat: screen-scraper 0.8.5 b.

+ this is london: writer's block is a malady of the affluent writer.

+ guardian.uk: van dyck's lost masterpiece reappears. it lies underneath a later interpretation.

+ times of india: a bunch of interesting items. wesley clark says the u.s. is becoming a 'colonial power.' careful avoidance of the word 'empire.' the prime minister of india says war on iraq will be the 'moral death' of the u.n. and, tony blair's popularity stocks are diminishing. one more article reveals the claims of a former iraqi scientist. i suspect a bit of creative fiction here for personal aggrandizement, given the sanctions imposed on the regime.

+ ny times editorial: reuniting the security council. enforce the existing resolutions. bush's "coercive diplomacy" has uncovered quite a bit, in hindsight. saddam shouldn't be a security council heart attack; he's a pimple who's festered for 12 years. if you boys can't agree on an appropriate 'antibiotic,' bush will lance it, sans anaesthetic.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the new francophobia. why should france be grateful and supplicating to the united states? for world war 2? then why isn't the united states grateful for france's help in the revolutionary war (without which we would not exist)?

+ santa fe new mexican: the new mexican state legislature may oppose the u.s. patriot act. "... would bar state police from conducting surveillance of people or groups for activities - such as political or religious activities - protected by the first amendment." was there ever a more misnamed act? a true patriot defends 'liberty and justice for all.'

+ santa fe new mexican/ap: thinning likely saved durango houses from forest fire. i should red-flag this. thinning and clearing *works.* but the federal government's moves have been to include trees up to 24", which to me, means logging, not thinning. but note here ... it WORKS. and if the thinner forests catch fire, they burn less hot, making them controllable around developed areas. glad to see private citizens taking their property value seriously.

+ santa fe new mexican/ap: report says tv stations owned by bigger companies tend to produce lower-quality newscasts.

+ ny times: a list some carmakers don't covet. another really dumb statement: "by next year, 2004, cars and trucks will run 99 percent cleaner than they did in the 60's." the clean air act of 1970 brought the start of modern pollution controls. carmakers complained about the 'excessive costs' and 'loss of vehicle power' those pollution controls would create. anyway, go to los angeles on a clear day, and see why 99% isn't enough.

+ ny times: terra cotta army from early han dynasty discovered. foot-tall warriors this time. 'burial-on-a-budget?'

+ ny times: north korea threatens to pull out of '53 armistice.

+ ny times: bush says he is 'undeterred' by weekend peace protests. in which our president makes a whole plethora of really stupid statements. though, it's fun to imagine how anti-abortion protestors will take his comments.

+ busy, as has been the case here for the last couple of weeks. not going to let up any time soon, either. wet and grey again today. i can just make out the tops of the manzanos to the south-southwest, glistening with new snow. more good news for our reservoirs.