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mon 17 feb 03

+ i really *must* find a good reference book on clouds. i've been seeing some completely mindboggling cloud formations that take my rudimentary knowledge (cumulus-nimbus-lenticular-etc.) and drop it in the toilet. long tubes of clouds, upturned at the end like a swiss alphorn, arranged in a semicircle, under a round lenticular cloud? dozens of small, wind-sheared puffs, generating in one spot? like i said, i'm boggled - and curious. i know an individual from the noaa stops by here occasionally ... have any suggestions?

+ top xml: xml parser written entirely in vb.

+ scientific american: shifting origins of new world's first farmers. squash them rumours.

+ bbc: tuna and pregnancy don't mix.

+ nj.com/ap: germany says it exaggerated iraq smallpox risks in report issued last august. "truth" as the winds blow.

+ courier mail.au: oil, weapons and war in iraq. international views are important to keep track of, imho.

+ new media zero: hail to the blog, a new movement in journalism.

+ dw-world.de: an interesting circumstance. the world court is set to hear a case from when washington and baghdad were buddies. blast from the past. i was working on a syntex system, setting up stories for oilgram news. "kharg island" dominated the headlines. had a fax machine the size of a washing machine. raum-raum-raum-raum-raum-raum-kerCHUNK. another page.

+ cbs news: greenspan no longer a sure thing. theorizing. "it appears as though greenspan either does not want to be reappointed as fed chairman next year or has learned that he will not be reappointed." a disaster, if that circumstance were to come about. but one that the dems should be paying attention to, right now. wake up, laughing boys. the anointed republican replacements? phil gramm, dick armey, or larry kudlow. all three would be disasters.

+ the age.au: the great barrier reef, threatened ... by farms. good thing it's not threatened by suburbia; the reefs would have been 'lawn-doctored' to death ...

+ miami herald: wrecked kabul museum on the road to recovery.

+ linuxplanet: colorful kde 3.1 performance on low-end hardware. i've just about got my 400 mhz pentium laptop cleaned off. which linux install would you folks recommend? i'd like it to recognize my pcmcia compactflash adapter ... but i'll buy a usb beastie if i must.

+ i must've been busy; didn't notice that syndirella incremented to 0.9b on january 19th.

+ the chronicle of higher ed: getting emotional.

+ the times of india frontpages the onion.

+ the progressive: opposing war is good, but not good enough. "warmongering comes largely from the evangelical right, i.e., the new conservatism that imposes a clash-of-civilizations formula on world politics."

+ ny times letters to the editor: iraq and oil, still inseparable. yet, the oil issue hasn't hit consumers. on the way back from town, i passed two brand new lincoln navigators with temp tags. one driver each, no passengers.

+ ny times: after liftoff, uncertainty and guesswork. the chunk of foam continues to change status. first it's unimportant, next it's critical. "if you hit a bug going mach 2, you're going to damage a tile. i don't buy the arguments that say that it was not a big deal." as much faith and hope and optimism as i have in the american space program, the ongoing unravelling of this incident horrifies me. and we're going to give nasa, as it exists today, the green light to launch nuclear powered rockets?

+ ny times: "liberal radio." i hope this will not be a mere copy of the 'rush limbaugh' formula. after all, there is talk, and then there is blather. there's an overstock of blather on the radio already.

+ santa fe new mexican: sharing his digital harvest. from cotton-picker to physicist. quite a success story, with hard work and perseverance as the moral.

+ santa fe new mexican: continuing my impromptu 'los alamos' watch, for those who are interested ... lanl worker admits selling codes. "the release said the unclassified computer code, designed to stimulate the performance of electron and ion accelerators and beam-transport lines, is known as 'parmela' for phase and radial motion in electron linear accelerators." it may be unclassified, but sounds like a prize for someone.

+ which, btw, in that fair article below, i like the term 'selective sourcing.' think about that term in association with weblogs. is that our strength, or our weakness?

+ ny times: u.s. planning sanctions against north korea. why will sanctions work for north korea, when they apparently haven't worked for iraq? as an aside, here's a report from fair about the new york times, iraq, sanctions, and 'journalistic malpractice.'

+ ny times: the columbia disaster reveals a bit of 'airwave piracy.' miles o'brien of cnn on fox ... for two seconds.

+ cnn: researchers, "it's easy to plant false memories." that'll rock law enforcement, psychology, psychiatry, etc.

+ while waiting in line at the supermarket, one can't help perusing the 'weekly world news.' cover: "saddam feeds christians to lions." and inside, an article on how to "osama-proof" your computer. ah, the heights of american journalistic excellence ...

+ "presidents' day" in america. government offices are closed, many folks have the day off. i've been having my contact lenses readjusted, doing some errands.