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sun 16 feb 03

+ galen institute: the medicare mess. "... the chances are greater than ever now that we will see a barrage of free-standing drug benefit bills which will look surprisingly like those we have seen over the last several years."

+ india tribune: combat rss propaganda, say sikh bodies. they said it, i didn't.

+ guardian.uk: 'mutant gene' sparked art and cultural development in humans.

+ matthew broderick, as "the music man"?!! casting him in a robert preston role is like choosing 'mr. bean' to play clark gable ...

+ making meatloaf, playing with plone.

+ bbc: do-it-yourself washington terror threat style. yep, that's about the size of it.

+ boston globe: oliphant, bush errs in jousting with greenspan.

+ independent.uk: bp gas field 'ravaged the rainforest.'

+ chicago trib: the corporate seduction of museums.

+ ny times editorial: voodoo vs. rubinomics. finally, someone besides myself is calling out the bankrupt supply-side economics of the bush administration. maybe democrats should stand back and let the republicans hang themselves; tip o'neill did it to reaganomics, successfully. and picked up seats in congress. are you listening, dems?

+ ny times: bo!

+ okay, if you disparage bush, make anti-war statements, or state pro-palestinian views, you might get an unwelcome visit from the secret service. read this article from the santa fe new mexican. '1984' is already here, folks.