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sat 15 feb 03

+ builder.com: writing dhtml that meets the cross-platform challenge.

+ builder.com: consider these options for web certifications.

+ forbes: oregano may cut listeria risk. eat at my house, chances are there'll be oregano. i'm a bit of an addict for the herb. fresh basil, too.

+ upi: childhood neglect causes brain trauma. stats from orphanages.

+ boston globe: latinos bitterly debate estrada nomination. "he has said that his being hispanic would be irrelevant to his role as a judge. i don't want it to be irrelevant, and neither does the community." he's "out of the 'hood" ... and could probably care less.

+ chicago tribune: the danger from north korea. not just seoul, dude ... japan sits right under the umbrella.

+ independent.uk: cia 'sabotaged inspections and hid weapons details.' u.n. resolution 1441 'requests' member nations supply inspection teams with evidence. gee, are we in 'breach'?

+ ny times: into the quicksand of endless war.

+ ny times: outside space experts focusing on blow to shuttle wing. "if you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras ... [snip] ... the loss of insulation at liftoff is a much more likely cause than debris or meteor showers." a point i've hit before.

+ ny times: bush eases ban on aids money to pro-abortion groups abroad. well, will miracles never cease.

+ description of the function of the u.n. security council. check the reports from the iraq sanction committee; it was a virtual dead-letter office until just after september 11.

+ the white house's list of u.n. resolution violations by iraq. some will dismiss these because of the source, but you can always cross reference via google.

+ ny times editorial: disarming iraq. washington post editorial: sound and fury. and these are left-leaning papers. america's balling itself into a fist. the resolutions are there, to be enforced. if the security council won't enforce them, i fully expect the bush administration will.

+ cnn: bush tells us not to panic. and, in the santa fe new mexican [via alternet], america's fear channel. local and natonal television news are now reporting on the overreaction which they significantly contributed to. what a waste of bandwidth.

+ more rain, some snow, some fog (or just low cloudage). the ski mountains have gotten 13" the last week. more! more! i hate grey weather, but in this case i'll make an exception.