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fri 14 feb 03

+ just heard bachman-turner overdrive, "not fragile" on the radio. haven't heard that since high school!

+ telepolis.de: u.s. boycott of products from countries against war? "and when we do admit that we have committed war crimes, we call them mistakes that must be forgiven, or at least accepted, as a means to the grand end: stamping out evil. but communism died in 1989, and since then the u.s.a. has been fighting the demons it created itself in the cold war." thanks, v.

+ ny times: an article, the sheer quality of which i haven't run across in a long time. unspeakable conversations.

+ slashdot: power laws, weblogs, and your given name. there are at least two other individuals in the united states with my given name [minus the middle one, powell], who spell 'garret' in the correct one 't' dutch manner.

+ new architect: are you cultured? in global web design, that is. a really great overview.

+ new democrats online: modernizing medicare. some have rightly complained that democrats criticize, without offering alternatives. here's a counter to that.

+ new scientist: 'wild' coal fires are a global catastrophe. may contribute to more than 3% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

+ eyewitness to history. very cool concept.

+ enn: republican congress tilts environmental policy towards development. "congress approved money for 'pre-drilling' in alaska's arctic national wildlife refuge even though oil exploration there has been banned since 1960."

+ dp review: atmel announces an eight megapixel 35mm form factor ccd sensor. good news, this. maybe prices on the better slr's will start coming down, soon.

+ wired: bogus security alerts for paypal users record keystrokes.

+ people in my local social circle have been needlessly freaking out over this 'home defense' stuff. if i seem overly cynical these days, that's my excuse. i'd best leave national and world politics here for today.

+ la times: where are the new protest songs? my generation has been wondering this for a while now, i think. "in 1971, you were able to see firsthand tv news footage of little naked vietnamese girls who had been burned by napalm paid for with u.s. tax dollars. you won't see the afghanistan equivalent or the iraq equivalent on t.v. today; instead, it's all this kind of sanitized, orwellian talk of 'freedom' and 'hope' and 'desert flowers blooming.'" but here's my question. in the latest teen generation, soaked in the brine of television violence, violent videogames ... would televised images of naked iraqi girls, burned by napalm, bring about any sort of reaction, other than the 'beavis and butthead'-esque, "look. her skin's peeling off. cooool."

+ the times of india's main page reads "u.s. red-faced as blix seeks more inspections." "but there was an unspoken suggestion that the violations were not of any great consequence. in fact there was no evidence to suggest that some components like aluminum tubes and carbon fibres were being used to make wmd as washington suspected."

+ seattle pi: art museums, the new pick-up spot. "if you're single, clean and don't drool, 'you get hit on' ..."

+ ny times opinion: a warning on iraq, from a friend. advice from a frenchman. "thanks to the determination of president bush and the international community and to the inspections that destroyed more armaments between 1991 and 1998 than did the persian gulf war itself, and which have now been reinforced with stronger means and bigger teams saddam hussein is in a box. and the box has been closed with the inspectors in it." therein lies the difference between our hawks and 'old europe' ... our hawks don't believe saddam is stopped by containment and inspections. our doves worry about the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in iraq brought about by the regime (and the sanctions thereon). what a bleeding mess.

+ ny times letters to the editor: duct tape, plastic sheeting, and other advice. some beauts in here.

+ ny times op-ed: i agree. the administration should stop with the tenuous allegations of al-qaeda/iraq connections. concentrate on holding iraq, and the security council, to the existing resolutions.

+ ny times: watching the tour over handlebars. someday, i'll do this.

+ ny times: a weakening of the organic standard for meat is squirreled away in the spending bill.

+ ny times: state g.o.p. legislators think the unthinkable ... raising taxes. "i know this is terribly wrenching for them ... [snip] ... it's like trying to convert the pope to mormonism."

+ ny times: don't waste time with the editorializing, read the text of the blix report. they haven't found anything but missiles that go 24 miles farther than agreed-upon; but iraq still hasn't accounted for banned materials.

+ santa fe new mexican: teams to search sandia mountains for shuttle debris. didn't realize the orbiter debris field could reach this far north.

+ santa fe new mexican/associated press: vatican opens archives on wartime pope.

+ ny times: having yosemite all to yourself.

+ cnn: rip, dolly.

+ happy valentine's day! i couldn't stand going immediately to work, after all this lovely rain and fog. had to go out for a walk. benefits of sole proprietorship. now to the grind.