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thu 13 feb 03

+ ny times: a sense of fine qualities trampled, and of something 'terribly wrong.' "there's this enormous pressure by the united states to have it their way and do it their way ... [snip] ... in the meantime, some very precious friendships and allegiances and great positive feelings toward one another are being ruined."

+ reuters: fitness may prevent cancer deaths among men. unless your definition of 'fitness' includes jogging by roadsides, and you enjoy the smell of carbon monoxide in the morning.

+ vangelis, "blade runner blues" on the box tonite.

+ commondreams: senator robert byrd, "sleepwalking through history." whether you're right or left, it's a powerful condemnation of the united states congress. there *should* be discussion in the chamber. there *should* be controversy. there *should* be arguments. the quiescence is, frankly, bizarre. via rc3.org.

+ the client just called to say the meeting's off till next week. that gives me some breathing space, but i figure i still ought to get my production done by tomorrow. so postings will remain thin. i've noticed that i'm on the cusp of dropping off technorati's top 100. ah, well. making a living comes before popularity, in the virtual metacosm.

+ xml.com: xslt, browsers and javascript.

+ ibm developerworks: converting word documents into simple docbook xml.

+ seattle times: lawsuits challenge iowa christian prison program. "... if they agree to immerse themselves in bible study and 'the transforming love of jesus christ,' according to two lawsuits filed yesterday, they are given keys to their cells, private bathrooms, free phone calls and access to big-screen tv's."

+ seattle times: nasal spray flu vaccine has significant success.

+ chicago tribune: photo gallery, view from iraq.

+ reuters: white house backs greenspan. not sure whether reuters is playing it, or whether there's an undertone of veiled threat here.

+ science blog: gene silencing technique gets patent.

+ distrowatch continues its look at mandrake linux 9.1 if linux doesn't interest you, scroll down and check out the 32mb usb flash widget. gotta get me one of those.

+ booklab 2's portfolio page shows off some fine work.

+ the american prospect: the new facts of life.

+ telegraph.uk: most romantic albums.

+ artnews: photography, the medium of the moment.

+ philosophers net: what philosophers are really like. more real than marble busts.

+ ny times: greenspan's doubts prod bush defense of tax cut. as you reach the bottom of the page, it looks like greenspan is backing off a bit. but remember his warning about the elimination of the dividend tax; in a deficit environment, we must be thinking "revenue neutral." tit for tat. the administration and congress will be attempting to redirect attention on that little nuke.

+ ny times: germany hints nato deadlock may end soon.

+ ny times: scientists seek clues in solar storm that enveloped shuttle. looking for the right deus ex machina that will mitigate the liftoff debris strike? that comment may not be fair; it could be the style of the media's presentation of nasa's ongoing investigation. but that's the flavor i'm getting.

+ ny times: lack of attack readiness laid to financing delay by u.s. and instructions on how to lower your blood pressure with duct tape.

+ santa fe new mexican: glorieta pass civil war battlefield on endangered list. glorieta pass is a far cry from the verdant, lush and enshrined eastern civil war battlefields. rocks, piñon and an old building. maybe a marker.

+ well, you could knock me down with a feather. i heard tapping on the skylights when i woke up this morning. *rain.* first time since ... mid-july? went outside and drew a few breathfuls of air. nothing like the smell of wet desert.