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wed 12 feb 03

+ reading over today's posts, as i wrap up my workday late, i realize newcomers will believe i'm a hawk. i'm not. but i used to aspire to be a bower bird, in my dissipated youth.

+ hell, it's a good thing i'm mostly programming. turning into a total curmudgeon. yet, i have this unquenchable fascination with current events. what is killing my funny bone is this current focus on 'disaster preparation.' it's even whackier than y2k ... hard hats? with american flags? it'll take another attack or three on the homeland before i'll think about geocaching food up in the mountains, thank you very much. colin fletcher once said, about relieving yourself while hiking [paraphrase], "choose a bathroom with a view." i'll choose my 'quarantine' with the same emphasis. later: here's the official government document. obviously, my local news is taking some liberties with interpretation. my apologies. go buy your duct tape; i've got my new hiking boots. to each his own.

+ star tribune: house and senate agree to prohibit citizen's email surveillance. yeah, chip off a couple of corners, appease the peons, and slip it past.

+ webmasterbase/sitepoint: rewrite a layer's content with javascript.

+ moscow times: most righteous war of all. "if chirac and other french politicians had had their way, hussein could have made tens of nuclear bombs by 1990." read this one, too. powerfully stated, positively soviet.

+ upi: u.s. oil stockpiles at their lowest level since 1975. and facing a war. lovely. yet there is some light; winter's ending.

+ ny times: one nasa engineer was on the ball. easy enough to field these theories after the fact, however. sometimes the search for a smoking gun only comes up with smoke.

+ usa today, others: greenspan criticizes tax cuts again. the white house, of course, disagrees. meantime, the republican congress will pass a spending bill fat with pork.

+ bikemagic: retrofitting thumbshifters. i knew history would come back to thumbshifters. i can flash through all my gears on my old hoo-koo-e-koo hardtail in less than half the time with rapidfires. never liked gripshifts.

+ pbs has the backstory on picasso's guernica.

+ feb. 8: senator john mccain's address to the 39th annual wehrkunde conference. "... we are stronger together than apart, that our values ennoble our common defense of them, and that we can, together, make this a safer, freer, better world. it's worth fighting for." you may not agree with all of it, but read it anyway. there is a subtext to the brash headlines, undercurrents that we miss. i heard nothing about this speech till now.

+ sneaky bastards. where was this in the news? u.s. blocks strong u.n. action against mercury emissions. i refer you, if you're unfamiliar with the effects of mercury, to w. eugene smith's series of photos of minamata, japan. even more background. this should not be allowed to stand.

+ i've got this little tiny moth dancing to the music, bouncing up against my monitor. cool.

+ ... and i'm still working ...

+ dizzie gillespie, "a night in tunisia" is on the box.

+ cnn: tenet, north korea has a ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. regular readers here are probably sick of my warnings about the taepodong 2 threat. where did i get that information? from the cia's site, along with others. this information has been in the public domain, for anyone to find. this little seemingly-scripted 'surprise' just confirms to me that we've got a bunch of oblivious oafs in washington, who are being reported on by an intentionally-muddled media. somebody, please ... show both our congresspersons and reporters how to use 'google,' so they can at least find their way to the exits ...

+ i could weep with happiness. welcome back, mike. we definitely need some lunatic fringe right now [and i mean that in a good way].

+ gulf war 2. hey, everybody's got a theory these days. thanks, stephen.

+ just for my own use today:

+ just to throw a snake in the grass, babel translated from french newspaper le monde: "the french and russians want to preserve their assets in iraq."

+ cnn: drivers urged to hunt for cheaper gas. $1.60? prices here in santa fe climbed to $1.89 yesterday for hi-octane.

+ as such, only "gotta post that" links will be placed here today.

+ crunchtime. gawd, i'm mired in text reformatting for web presentation. pages and pages. gotta be done today.