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tue 11 feb 03

+ catching the local evening news, they're screwing the pressure up a notch or two again. someone in the new mexico house of representatives introduced a bill to provide for cremation and mass graves in the circumstance of a mass chemical or biological attack. and, the authority to quarantine. ah, "le hussard sur le toit." jean giono, you wrote not just of the past ... and i doubt you ever considered that such could be our future.

+ copying ed just a bit, i decided to add a title tag to my permalinks, giving the posting time. distilling weblogging down to efficient little chunks. besides, it'll slow me down. that's good.

+ if you're really worried, visit protectivesuits.com, and get yourself a whole hazmat kit. duct tape. puh-leeze. 3m's really happy right now ...

+ cnn: duct tape sales rise across u.s., amidst terror fears. our local television station broadcast this little piece on 'department of homeland security recommended gear.' water, canned food, plastic sheeting and duct tape. from their panicked tone, i'm surprised they didn't cover the purchase of body bags. oh, right. that might constitute an unfunded federal mandate ...

+ sunset this eve:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, february 12, 2003.

+ been typing too much code. each time i try to enter "–" i keep typing "&anildash;" ... my brain would prefer to be weblogging, obviously.

+ technorati's getting some hits today. sudden trickles in my referrers. must be the shirky article.

+ ny times: greenspan *almost* lets loose. economy saddled by worry over security, fed chief says. and his full text. "faster economic growth, doubtless, would make deficits far easier to contain. but faster economic growth alone is not likely to be the full solution to currently projected long-term deficits. to be sure, underlying productivity has accelerated considerably in recent years. nevertheless, to assume that productivity can continue to accelerate to rates well above the current underlying pace would be a stretch, even for our very dynamic economy." cut spending, or cut the tax cuts. we need more revenue, now.

+ top xml: xml data binding with data types.

+ chicago tribune: hastert warns bush on medicare. "i don't think you can do it humanely ... [snip] ... i don't think you can do it politically. i don't think it's practical."

+ nandotimes: bush asks for religious broadcasters' blessings on social programs. "government cannot put hope in people's lives." tell that to folks who lived through the depression, george. the government can both give hope and take hope away.

+ healthnews.uk: leprosy gene discovered.

+ oneworld: skirmishes over all that bush aids program money.

+ internetnews: pentagon moves to restore data-mining program.

+ pbs, online newshour, shields and brooks: discussion of the bush budget proposal, and north korea.

+ nj.com/ap: moderate republicans try to block weakened environmental protections in big spending bill. nice to see there is *some* restraint in the party, even if it is ultimately ineffective.

+ ace's hardware: barton: 512k athlon reviewed.

+ wired: konfabulator shines on mac os x.

+ the gadgeteer reviews the sharp zaurus c700.

+ well, i've got a new left contact lens, looser than the fit i received last week. still can't see a damned thing out of that eye close-up, though it's more comfortable.

+ the topstyle 3.10 update is available now. there are many additions and fixes. run, don't walk.

+ booklab 2.

+ santa fe new mexican: back home, survivors of bubonic plague get a warm welcome. john tull is back in new mexico, albeit in an albuquerque facility for recovery and therapy. green chile's waiting; welcome home.

+ santa fe new mexican: u.c. can explain los alamos national lab purchases. "the interim report released monday dealt only with questioned transactions made on lab credit cards. separate investigations are under way into claims of $2.7 million in lost computers and equipment and complaints that the lab hasn't kept track of property." of the questionable credit card charges, only 4% are problematic. of course, this is u.c. overseeing itself. place what caveats you feel appropriate on this info.

+ the deadlines and appointments keep piling up. this is going to be one whacked-out week, work-wise.