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mon 10 feb 03

+ slashdot: trail of tears, mysql, odbc and open office 1.0.

+ cnet: xml is five years old today. happy birthday! xml makes its mark.

+ webmasterbase: sizing a popup to fit your image. linked, haven't tried it yet. clients still ask for these things.

+ zdnet: macromedia dreams of software subscribers.

+ ny times: seems there is concern over columbia's last overhaul.

+ nandotimes: tennessee airport offers free socks to make up for inconvenient shoe checks.

+ blackmask online.

+ pravda: world war 2 bomb found in central moscow. some would say, this is *exactly* the reason americans don't understand foreign anti-war sentiment.

+ iol: shari'a law moves to nigeria's christian south.

+ usa today: playground equipment may expose cancer risk. "children could face an increased lifetime risk of developing lung or bladder cancer from using playground equipment made of wood treated with arsenic ..." i've made this point before. [ related ]

+ men's journal: the guy's guide to chick drinks. "... i realize there is something else at work here: a sugar high the likes of which i haven't enjoyed since the pixie stix addiction of 1980."

+ wallace's farmer: corn growers to offer high-speed internet access.

+ the frontier post: poor afghans still waiting for benefits of 'regime change.' "and they wait still for $300 million ($507 million) of the $1.8 billion the rich nations had promised to send by last december for reconstruction. the coalition that pledged undying devotion to the new afghanistan is now distracted by the thrill of making a new conquest."

+ voa: u.s. environmentalists fear bush budget plan.

+ boston globe: oliphant, credibility chasm for bush, powell. this whole thing would be easier if colin could gag george, or at least curb the fantasies. it is impossible for iraq to disguise and launch a spray-tank-equipped mig-21 'fishbed' in american territorial waters.

+ cnet: pixar moves from sun to intel. "at macworld in january, intel president paul otellini sat in the front row for jobs' keynote as a v.i.p. guest of apple. jobs also gave otellini a tour of the show floor." interesting circumstance, no? later: mac observer comments. time vs. money is exactly why i went xp over os x. 3-d is a part of my biz. ymmv, of course.

+ dp review: contax confirms tvs digital. tvs form factor, 5 megapixel, zeiss lens, sd/mmc storage, lithium battery.

+ freshmeat: screen-scraper 0.8.5a.

+ the register: apple refreshes xserve.

+ wired: the u.s. military needs its speed.

+ legal affairs: dante and the death penalty. is the punishment to quietly remove an 'evil' member from our society, to give survivors release, or to serve as a warning to the masses? all of the above? read this, and you might decide public drawing and quartering would be a solution. do murderers have human rights, societal rights ... or have they been abdicated? worthy of some contemplation.

+ orange county register: we're still not past postmodernism.

+ globe and mail: librarians caught in the 'net. "the problem is young men signing on to hard-core internet pornography sites in full view of library staff and other users." it worries me more that young men feel this is acceptable behavior, in public. propriety is uncool, i guess. "anti-style."

+ la times: rome rises again. as an aside, princeton university has both succeeded and failed in meshing the modern with the gothic. roman architects could learn a great deal from a single visit to my old home town.

+ boston globe: true grits. will fast food chains help preserve local cuisines? can't wait for mcdonald's posole to hit the big time.

+ ny times op-ed: an approaching tide of red ink. the reagan cuts never paid for themselves; i see no evidence of bush being any more successful. send the supply-siders over to iraq, where they'll do some good.

+ ny times: shuttle testing suggested wings were vulnerable. "an analysis by the boeing company concluded that the underside of the leading edge had probably been hit, along with a large swath of the panels."

+ ny times: publishers give the classics a makeover.

+ alternet.org: the inspections flap: both sides are wrong. "hypocrisy, falsehoods, venality, lawlessness, bullying and violence? is this what we've come to? that is the best case against the war, and irrefutable by the warriors."

+ santa fe new mexican: expert confronts controversy surrounding the 'virgin of guadalupe.'

+ santa fe new mexican: contaminated spring found near los alamos. "... groundwater could move much faster than projected by the lab." how 'bout an unfunded mandate for los alamos to clean up their act? they'd go broke.

+ santa fe new mexican: feds want santa fe to comply with runoff rules.

+ very busy this week. but then, everytime i say that, i find time for weblogging. just be aware.