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fri 07 feb 03

+ msnbc: the bush budget, "stone cold nuts."

+ cbs: "don't drink stupid, drink committed." "zam zam cola, the iranian drink introduced after that country's 1979 islamic revolution, had huge sales growth a few years ago when a prominent muslim cleric ruled that coke and pepsi were 'un-islamic.'"

+ stuff: copper sprays may be why some auckland orchards riddled with ddt. "previous studies had shown that copper could kill some soil microbes. now it seemed that communities of bacteria that combine to break down ddt could be among their victims, she said." so the stuff may still be hanging around. lovely.

+ independent.uk: survivors of genocide, living in a world that is so quick to forget.

+ freshmeat: apache file manager.

+ cnn: gao drops cheney energy taskforce records lawsuit. "he also noted that several private lawsuits are already seeking to obtain similar information."

+ msnbc has the same report about the damage to the shuttle's wing, but also has something interesting ... they've animated the images of the insulation hitting the orbiter. gives a better gauge as to location of the hit.

+ conversation overheard this morning:

one: "so, they had tapes of the shuttle launch? they saw pieces coming off?"
two: "yup."
one: "why didn't they abort, or just head for the space station right away?"
two: "nobody looked at the tapes until the day after, i think."
one: "you've *got* to be sh-tting me."

aside from wondering where this person has been the last few days, i can't help but wonder why nasa hasn't assigned people to observe the liftoff in realtime. i assumed such observation would be a given.

+ slashdot: negative effects of workplace net monitoring.

+ builder.com looks at macromedia contribute.

+ new scientist: condoleeza rice accused the iraqis of plagiarism; it seems our british allies performed the same dastardly deed. this presenting-of-evidence seems all very last-minute, rushed, unthorough. do we have intelligence services, or not?

+ digitalmass: duped by journalist, web site retracts story. this one bit a lot of warbloggers. do a google search to see who got caught out, and watch to see if there's any archive-altering going on.

+ ananova: "guns for tots" giveaway in nyc. toy guns, brandished at the wrong time, will get your child killed.

+ turbulence.org: stop motion studies. way cool. if you're into digital photography, and even flash, check it out.

+ am i allowed to be secretly pleased that madonna has reading glasses? i'm riding on the cusp; no matter where i look, something is annoyingly out of focus.

+ daemonnews: freebsd from scratch.

+ the spectator: book review, "hitler and churchill." a matter of upbringing.

+ new york metro: book review. a pretty raw look at the book publishing industry. but does every industry need to be cutthroat?

+ ctnow: the widening gap between movie critics and audiences. what, you expect a critic to suggest an oscar for "independence day" and "dumb and dumber?"

+ the entire new york times op-ed page is worth reading today, but i'll highlight just one ... "is the maestro a hack?" greenspan's got to get real, or lose his entire reputation. okay, two. adlai stevenson III's piece is also good.

+ santa fe new mexican: snow falls for the first time in ages, and what happens? the darned ski lift breaks.

+ ny times photography review: thomas struth, where truth dares to meet your gaze.

+ ny times: as far as i'm concerned, the administration is selling out the kurds. part of the 'bribe' to use turkish bases?

+ ny times: bush administration defends its handling of north korea.

+ cnn: the new 'potter' book to sell for record high price. $29.95 for the hardback.

+ cnn: "secret" shuttle part sought. the nasa copy of the "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?"

+ spaceflight now: air force imagery confirms columbia wing damage.

+ get a grip, man.