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thu 06 feb 03

+ atlantic monthly, 1965: one woman's abortion. "is the time coming when we can rid ourselves of one more hypocrisy, closing the gap between what we do and what we say we do?"

+ atlantic monthly, 1908: justice to the corporations. "who then is to judge what portion of gain is to come to the pioneers, and how did these judges learn their chosen high task, namely, to judge rightly? for judgment is a great gift, which results from much knowledge, reflection, and high conduct."

+ wired: doctoring an ipod to run on linux.

+ "fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
- oscar wilde.

+ razormouth: evangelical christians, everyone hates us. we, outside of your enthusiasm for your faith, judge you by your witness. since it's 'michael jackson special' night, i'll suggest we all have a talk with the man in the mirror. via mefi.

+ businessweek: why bush's plan threatens medicare. young folks should be paying attention; your parents will end up living with you, walton-style, sooner than you might think.

+ new scientist goes over the powell/iraq evidence, with a sharp eye.

+ voa: ebola outbreak on the congo/gabon border.

+ independent.uk: christopher reeve, you ask the questions. "in situations where gravity is removed, such as lying flat or floating in a pool, i'm able to fully extend and retract my legs and arms, and to take steps if my upper body is supported."

+ mac observer: apple working to lure avid editors over to final cut pro. considering the price and equipment lock-in of the avid systems i remember, i'm surprised editors aren't jumping ship like fleas off a dog with a new flea collar.

+ fashion.uk: the next trend in men's footwear? wrestling boots. won't last long among the cactus out here, but your mileage may be better.

+ nj.com: biotech firms pay $110 million to settle starlink lawsuit. oh, biotechs are harmless, eh? those taco shells sat in my gullet like red lead.

+ u.n. news center, news focus. iraq, iraq, iraq. get news from the horse's mouth.

+ iht talks blogs ... "the granddaddy of blabbermouths." wait'll we get a proust blog.

+ pc world: is microsoft afraid of open source? afraid, no. threatened, yes.

+ some nice shots of space shuttle enterprise getting loaded onto a 747. 1978. dang, that was a long time ago.

+ every time i get the itch to change the design here, i'm baffled as to how to make it better for my uses. sure, i could just change colors (how boring). the damned thing is so comfortable, and matches many of my philosophies about weblogging [information foremost, navigation right, graphics as hors d'oeuvres, etc.]. maybe i'll just build a different site ... to record my hiking/backpacking/adventuring treks. how 'bout 'bluebootblog'?

+ i'm getting mixed messages from nasa. they say the 2.5 pound foam insulation, travelling at 500+ feet per second couldn't have done that much damage. but other sources say mere finger pressure can crack tiles. if you remember when the shuttle was first being developed, you recall the angst over the fragility of the tiles. i'm having a mental disconnect on this one. what's the formula for calculating impact force? personally, i wouldn't want to get smacked with a 2.5 pound chunk of anything going 500 feet per second. maybe this 'purple bolt of light' photo that others are talking about gives nasa an easy 'out' ... it betrays no predictable weaknesses in the current system.

+ cnn: u.s. military ponders cremation on the battlefield. in the case of wmd attack.

+ tom's hardware: first pentium-m notebook put to the test. they use the 'suspect' sysmark2002 spec, however.

+ washington post: major online retailers begin levying sales taxes. "the agreement is expected to give states a new source of revenue to battle historic budget deficits." ah, so *that's* why this has taken giant steps all of a sudden.

+ ibm developerworks: keeping context straight in xslt.

+ itn/five: north korea threatens to strike first. "... we have our own countermeasures. pre-emptive attacks are not the exclusive right of the u.s." i reiterate my belief that this public 'doctrine of pre-emption' was quite unwise. those three words have made our world significantly more dangerous.

+ boston globe: richard nelson, the radio operator on the 'enola gay,' has passed away. "if i had known the results of the mission beforehand, i would have flown it anyway."

+ ny times: defense department forum focuses on environment.

+ environmental news service: texas, under seige by invaders. call out the bunker-busters ... gotta kill those nutrias.

+ scoop: greenpeace takes global action against war. "in toulouse harbour, france, greenpeace activists protested the departure of military aircraft carrier to turkey and demanded president chirac explain why he is sending aircraft to turkey given that he is publicly opposed to military action in iraq." not our allies, huh?

+ freshmeat: personal webmail.

+ wired news: nuke plants aging disgracefully.

+ la times: the hype, not the accident, is what's shocking.

+ chicago tribune: is classical music becoming a highbrow 'baywatch?'

+ publisher's weekly: the spectre of online taxation raises its head again. nciba and aba push for the tax collector to collect taxes.

+ new york observer: book review, "of paradise and power: america and europe in the new world order."

+ slate: fantasy economics.

+ times of india: blix doubts u.s. claim on iraq. blix is on the hot seat, in more ways than one. getting a bit testy, too ... but still covering all the possible permutations, i see. i wonder if he yearns to declare just *one* thing without qualifications.

+ ny times op-ed: vive l'histoire. the french on america: "these people have a terrible mania for commerce." too bad she didn't pursue that line further. public declarations of self-interest have become fashionable worldwide.

+ ny times editorial: steamrolling judicial nominees. a poor title, but a good editorial.

+ ny times: african women gather to denounce genital cutting. "i am not circumcised, learn from me."

+ ny times: rumsfeld to ask congress for more billions. also overlooked in the bush budget. i say again, where are the 'contract with america' republicans calling for fiscal responsibility?

+ ny times: poets pit pens against swords.

+ ny times: questions over ingredient in shuttle insulation foam. conservative groups were going to blame the shuttle crash on the clean air act. good grief.

+ ny times: north korea intensifies war of words with u.s.

+ alternet: double standards, u.n. style.

+ cnn: bush eyes new fees to offset tax cuts. semantics.

+ cnn: the zapatistas are down on tourists.

+ cnn: fda worries that some biotech pigs may have entered the nation's food supply. if you can't keep it in the lab, don't fool with it.

+ a dusting of snow this morning. maybe a smidge more than a dusting. but we'll take what we can get.