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wed 05 feb 03

+ ny times: nasa now doubts the foam debris doomed columbia. note the 'sample' being held up is painted white, with a 'natural' yellow interior. on the external fuel tank, it's orange outside, i believe. and the thickness varies depending on where it is placed on the tank. in the video, the piece looked bright white, possibly from reflection ... but could also be from ice. there's no mention here of how 'hard' the foam might get next to liquid oxygen (the uppermost part of the shuttle tank). i believe lox stores at -300 degrees farenheit. i can't think of many things that are flexible at -300 [if any]. and hitting at between 500 and 1,000 mph ... ah, i'm armchair engineering. can't help it.

+ "are you a peak bagger?"

+ oh no ... was that pornographic?

+ snow's forecast tonight. just covered my sprouting bulbs, just in case.

+ sunset this eve:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, february 5, 2003.

+ ... which inadvertently pointed me to "carhenge."

+ the amc pacer page. the fashionable fishbowl for its time.

+ slashdot: gnome 2.2 released.

+ slashdot: dell is dropping the floppy.

+ new scientist: a new world trade center collapse theory.

+ new scientist: tadpoles to blame for human hiccups. an observation: a fundamental creationist viewpoint would merely dismiss this out of hand.

+ bikemagic: the joys of single-speed mountain biking. you'll even end up in better shape.

+ msnbc: packing for war. "lies and sunglasses. sounds like iím packing for an affair on the cote díazure."

+ plone is going 1.0 release on february 6. cool. i'm considering moving dm! to this zope cms.

+ arabic news: the role of education in preparing women, and equality of rights.

+ women's enews: happy birthday, rosa parks.

+ builder.com: komodo 2.0 takes a bite out of development.

+ pbs/nova: the x-planes.

+ forbes: help ibm take on smallpox.

+ silicon india: "homeopathy can cure h.i.v.: experts." those poor people ...

+ usc annenberg online journalism: online roundups a 'most important source.' you'd think they'd at least mention scripting news' efforts on saturday.

+ sacbee: buckley, a hard day's viewing.

+ boston globe: oliphant, bush is fudging the ruinous costs of war. a unilateral war could add half-again, or even double, the current projected deficit. oh, if we'd only continued the engine-downsizing and alternative energy policies of the carter years.

+ the age.au: new fears raised about gm plants. "... a hoped-for method of preventing 'superweeds' does not work."

+ cnn: "the madness of george dubya" a u.k. hit.

+ the register: opera brings out double-quick browser fixes. 7.01.

+ project syndicate: modernization vs. westernization. of course, it's in western corporations' best interests that nations believe the two are linked. very good point.

+ the new republic: the difference between criticism and hatred; anti-american studies. an interesting article i'll need to spend more time with.

+ policy review: from sarajevo to september 11. "globalization promises a better world, but we have to build it."

+ la times: budget fight ahead for public stations.

+ backstage: american hindquarters are too rotund for london's west end theatre seats. a ponderous quandary, this.

+ guardian.uk: clinton, gorbachev, loren to record a version of peter and the wolf. i don't consider bill clinton's raspy vocal performances to be anything to write home about, but i'll keep an open mind.

+ washington times: the picasso cover-up. others will liken this to the justice department drapings. knowing the vagaries of digital video well, i can only imagine the nightmares involved in shooting against such a backdrop. and i doubt all the council members remember to wear blue shirts, rather than white ...

+ times of india: iraq warns of suicide attacks against the u.s. interests. there was no qualification about u.n.-sanctioned war, or unilateral war. but then, i hardly expected one.

+ ny times letters to the editor: some *serious* pushback to that pelletiere article on iraqi genocide. "the iraqis' use of poison gas." supposedly this was an extensively vetted article. i wonder how the ny times will respond?

+ ny times op-ed: dowd, powell without picasso.

+ ny times editorial: a ticking clock on north korea.

+ ny times: n.j. gets a budget noone likes. note, much of this should lay at the door of whitman, not mcgreevey. florio had jersey back on track, in the black.

+ ny times: aid to poor faces more scrutiny. as much as this worries me, this statement: "at present, the government estimates, $9.3 billion of the $30 billion paid out each year in tax credits to low-income working families may be a result of fraud or honest errors." one-third?! it's a shame that the dishonesty of a third will reduce the benefits to the rest. "brigands? no, we're among worthy people who no longer fear the gendarmes."

+ ny times: powell makes his case to the u.n. mobile biological weapons labs, chemical munitions bunkers. not a peep about anything nuclear, yet.

+ santa fe new mexican: in new york, they worry about terrorists hitting their water supplies. in new mexico, we worry about terrorists hitting our chile crops.

+ reuters: "u.s. intelligence on alleged links between al qaeda and iraq is fragmentary and open to interpretation ..." so much for that piece of 'strong evidence.' c'mon, guys ... don't make the accusations unless you've got the goods to back it up. this kind of thing is why the rest of the world disbelieves us. very poorly prosecuted, this.

+ cnn money: the bush budget is optimistic. the question is, is it unrealistically so? cnn implies as much.

+ cnn: apple cuts prices on more computers.

+ adam curry spins a term i admire: 'copy-paste media.' we could extend that to copy-paste punditry in our virtual metacosm, too. i question myself, "why does copy-paste strike me as bad?" my best answer is context; or rather, lack thereof. physician, heal thyself, right? i'll work on that. via scripting.

+ disturbed sleep last night. need more exercise. given my current workload, i may have to shift blogging time to a farther-back burner.