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tue 04 feb 03

+ space shuttle proposals. ah, we can thank nixon for the current space shuttle 'compromise' design. this same site has specs on the former soviet union's 'combat spacecraft.' jeez, oh man. check out the 'polyus.'

+ remember astronaut enos, hero of mercury five?

+ you can still purchase sts-107 patches. you can also get a die-cast model of the columbia, if you're so inclined.

+ in the moonlight a worm ... silently drills through a chestnut.

+ the studebaker national museum. the virtual tour is an eye-opener.

+ the works of cab calloway and where to find them.

+ capsule 7.

+ turbo sonic air force one.

+ it took a couple of days for the dust to clear from the other day. cleans up nice, eh? turned cold after that dust storm, however. now all we need is some snow.

+ sunset tonight, a little larger jpg than usual. i think it deserves the space:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, february 4, 2003.

+ ny times: another historic day. yugoslavia is no more. now 'the union of serbia and montenegro.' say that ten times fast.

+ webref: book review, practical xml for the web.

+ builder.com: comparing topstyle and stylemaster. i use topstyle 3 almost every day; that is my highest recommendation. i did an extensive post on how happy i was when 3 debuted; the graphic i used to explain my happiness is here. note, that little question mark in the bottom right of the right side pane gives you extensive css help. try it out, if you're looking for something to speed up your css creation [even if you're a hand-coder, there are benefits]. i look forward to a 'safari' update, so i can take that little nightmare off my 'worry' plate.

+ new scientist: the shuttle's long history of launch damage.

+ environmental news network: report finds dirty beaches at 16 mexican resorts. once, doing a show in northern puerto rico, a friend and i went to a popular skin diving spot. about 25 yards out, my snorkel began to bump long brown floating sea cucumbers with filigree white flippers. my friend was quite free with his expletives; many ironically appropriate. i think i used more than one language. took three or four hotel showers to feel clean, and even then i was compulsively washing my hands for a day or so afterwards.

+ times of india: u.s. testing 'small nuke' use against iraq. i've heard talks about ramping up development of these little beasts, but as far as i know, it's just theory at los alamos. unless they're repurposing existing munitions.

+ the american prospect: tilting on the axis of evil. change comes slowly in iran.

+ nj.com: bush is really putting a new spin on 'big government' ... bush asks $25 million to spread knowledge of american history; $22.5 million to open two new museums. not even tip o'neill could get something like this passed. speaking of which, the cato institute lambasts bush for 'outspending clinton.' by $100 billion. mwah-hah-hah.

+ onlamp: securing systems with chroot.

+ linuxlookup: xandros desktop deluxe 1.0 review.

+ the register: wheeze, wheeze ... the imac makes one gigahertz.

+ new criterion: why i became a conservative. "burke’s defense of tradition seemed to translate this very concept into the world of politics, and to make respect for custom, establishment, and settled communal ways, into a political virtue, rather than a sign, as my contemporaries mostly believed, of complacency." interesting read.

+ atlantic monthly: the wifely duty. the phenomenon of celibate marriage. comment to author: it takes two to tango, chickie.

+ guardian.uk: little women ... and boys ... are losing touch with the classics. only 6% have read 'the secret garden,' 81% have read harry potter.

+ the new yorker: "the unknown." the cia and the pentagon look closer at links between al-qaeda and iraq. truth, or dare?

+ ny times op-ed: george bush, multilateralist.

+ ny times op-ed: kristof, a sea of fire, or worse. very near to my concerns. at least, he knows what a taepodong is. believe me, this will give me no joy to say 'i told you so,' if this comes true.

+ ny times: "a balanced federal budget remains a high priority for this president." from a bankrupt supply-side philosophy ... i guess so. congressional republicans are slow to sign on, too. generation x should beware; favorable energy prices allowed the '90's to pay for the huge-deficit 80's. you will not be as lucky, this time.

+ ny times: engineer's 1997 report warned of damage to tiles by foam.

+ ny times: columbia was beyond help. i hate to give up. what about soyuz, ferrying up consumables?

+ going to see the eye doc today. bloggamus interruptae at some point.