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mon 03 feb 03

+ ferdinand ossendowski, "beasts, men and gods." free e-text, bottom left. maybe, some webloggers have this same malady:

"do you know," said my old friend to me, "i prefer strangling partisans and fighting with the hunghutze to listening to news and more anxious news!"

+ ny times op-ed: investigation of a tragedy. i heard a part of that same conference. "always the damage was judged no threat to safety." i got the same impression; a couple of hits on previous flights did non-critical damage. but to come to the conclusion that it would *never* cause critical damage, without testing the hypothesis, was wrong. an independent panel is called for, certainly.

+ women's enews: cnn star producer back in baghdad.

+ courier mail: the vatican backs harry potter. "i don't think there's anyone in this room who grew up without fairies, magic and angels in their imaginary world ... [snip] ... they aren't bad. they aren't serving as a banner for an anti-christian ideology."

+ msnbc: u.s. 'deterrence' upped for north korea.

+ ekathimerini: schism in europe over u.s. iraq policy. greek news media link.

+ reuters: u.s. budget chief sees rates rising.

+ "operation mongoose" ... collapsing caves in afghanistan with explosives.

+ kim kommando: jazz up your computer.

+ if you've got cspan memorized, try parliament live.

+ new yorker, november 1, 1993: last week, a vetted ny times article called into question the iraqi genocide of the kurds; here is an older article about the 'bush assassination attempt.'

+ theatrenow: mary ellis, star of 20's and 30's musicals, passes away.

+ newsfactor: what python can do for the enterprise.

+ wired: suicide 101: lessons before dying.

+ metafilter has a link on 'how much money would it take for you to kill a puppy with your bare hands?" compare each individual's personal ethics (or lack thereof). quite disturbing, really.

+ typical monday. don't have time for much else at the moment.

+ ny times op-ed: buzz aldrin, fear and flying.

+ ny times: professor's snub of creationism prompts u.s. inquiry. watch for a version of "don't ask, don't tell." the concept of spontaneous generation has no place in science.

+ ny times: bush sends congress a budget plan with record deficits. welcome to the reagan 80's; you'll get to experience them first-hand now. imagine, during the 'contract with america' days, if clinton had fielded such a budget?

+ santa fe new mexican: viveash fire salvage helps local economy.

+ santa fe new mexican: study finds new mexico's tax system among the best.

+ i've never wondered why weather websites have no archives.

+ fighting just plain old blogging inertia this morning. happens, every so often.