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thu 30 jan 03

+ cicero, first oration against catiline. "when, o catiline, do you mean to cease abusing our patience?"

+ sunset tonight, looking eastwards. the actual sun setting was unspectacular:

sunset, looking east, santa fe new mexico, january 30, 2003.

+ nj.com: macabre. body found hanging by noose in tree; may have been there a year.

+ daily times: oil is america's motive for war. don't dismiss it; read a 'different' international take. it doesn't answer the question of why poppy bush didn't avail himself of this philosophy in the first gulf war.

+ science daily: forest fragmentation may increase lyme disease risk.

+ american reporter: the war on women. looking at title ix.

+ new scientist: lake's silent killer to be 'disarmed.'

+ chicago trib: the false promise of fiscal stimulus. "the savings rate rose during the rebate period, while personal consumption expenditures did not." the previous bush tax cut didn't work; why should this one?

+ sacbee: buckley, the parlous state of the union. "... no explanation for the torpor of 12 years." one of my points.

+ ny times: administration to seek exemptions to 2005 ban of a pesticide. methyl bromide.

+ atlantic monthly: the science of the palette.

+ guardian.uk: a beautiful life - and a beautiful death.

+ bbc: protest fears scrap u.s. poetry forum.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the state of the union: resolve and doubt. as i've said elsewhere, it is important to remember that decent, moral and intelligent people can draw different conclusions from the same set of facts. religious, political and moral issues are complex, and this diversity in opinion is one of the many fantastic things about the human race ... and america itself. lively disorder! very taoist. gotta love it.

+ ny times: washington vs. skeptics on state of the economy. "because state and local governments will be raising taxes at the same time, there may be little stimulus from a federal tax cut."

+ ny times: bush officials debate release of iraq secrets. tough choices, no doubt.

+ santa fe new mexican: comcast cable rejects anti-war ads during superbowl.

+ santa fe new mexican: expect to pay more for natural gas.

+ cnn: iraqi warheads test negative for chemicals.

+ cnn: bush seeks retirement plan overhaul. never has america increased the savings rate in a single year more than 2%. not that he shouldn't try, but i think a cultural change may have to happen first.

+ cnn: insurance policy ... troops freezing sperm. smart.

+ having a talk with an individual yesterday, about 'regulation,' my comment was: "we need regulation, because what is profitable isn't necessarily right."