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wed 29 jan 03

+ iht: a flamenco star is reborn. farruquito is someone you should not miss, if you're in the new york city area. and, the guitar work is *never* anything to sneeze at, either.

+ independent.uk: trinidadian islamic group threatens to use biological and chemical weapons. "the reporters for the trinidad express talked to a man who said he was a chemical engineer who had received explosives training in the united states. they were shown various materials and told they could be used to manufacture a form of nerve gas as well as toxins strong enough to poison the island's water supply." just like paradise.

+ fashion.uk: "just say no." one look at the picture, and i'll agree.

+ freshmeat: simple python blogger update.

+ upi: someone has already done a study on acrylamides and cancer. this became an issue almost a year ago; this must be a rather cursory study. nevertheless, i'm still eating french fries ...

+ newsweek: u.n. inspectors need more time to find democrats. "since most t.v.'s were turned off by that point, that speech, and governor locke for that matter, cannot be proved to exist ..."

+ strait goods: increasing evidence that depleted uranium does great harm. hmmm. maybe this will reduce the surface population of 'american oil barons,' seething to converge on the iraqi oil fields.

+ i believe wood s lot pointed up today as the late edward abbey's birthday, so in tribute:

"why book reviewers hate my books: because the books are really no good? perhaps. but i think i've got a better explanation. almost all reviewers, these days, are members of and adherents to some anxious particular sect or faction. i.e., they are lesbians and new agers or fem-libbers or (even worse) male fem-libbers or technophiles or self-hating white liberals or right wing conservatives or growth maniacs or negroes or female negroes or third-world lesbian militant negro poetesses or closet marxists (marxoids) or futurologists or academical specialists or chicano idealogues or ballerinas or kowboy kultists or kerouac kultists or henry james minimalist perfectionists or one-tenth chippewa "native american" indians or at very least and all-inclusive official chickenshit correct-thinking liberals, etc. etc. as such, any member of any one of those majority minorities is going to find for certain a few remarks in any of my books that will offend/enrage "s/he" to the marrow, leading inevitably in turn, on the part of such sectarian book reviewers, to a denunciation not merely of the offending passage, but of the entire book, and not merely of the book, but of the author too."

an interview with abbey.

+ having lunch today, i got curious. the history of cheese. synchronicity; thanks, iraq.

+ builder.com: how to respond when clients make things difficult.

+ new scientist: a candidate for weblogger disease? "ethrombosis."

+ wwf: beheaded turtles washing ashore in mozambique.

+ freshmeat: phpwebmail.

+ djangology, "a chronology of my journey in becoming a gypsy jazz guitar player." good stuff, if you happen to own an axe or two. via monsieur monquis

+ aristos: art and cognition: mimesis vs. the avant garde.

+ santa fe new mexican: for those of you following the los alamos hijinx, u.c. restructures los alamos lab's business-operations division, and department of energy restores lanl rehab money.

+ reuters: "you're only as old as you feel." i shall henceforth cease to act my age ...

+ cnn: speaking of tax cuts and big holes in the national wallet, deficits of 199 billion projected for '03.

+ cnn: "cyclops" remains unearthed on crete. nice, tidy little theory. actually, i had coffee with an itinerant cyclops a couple of years ago. he lamented the unpopularity of mutton in america.

+ saw a bit in replay; the man's minimal oratory skills still send shivers up my spine. i'm sure you'll be inundated by commentary elsewhere, so there's no need for me to burden you with more. i read the transcript. a lot of 'big goverment' initiatives [from a republican!], which kept me thinking "ok, where's all this cash coming from?" all these generous programs will be torpedoed by the republican congress. [presidential promises are piecrusts ...] none were targeted at my demographic. and the use of loaded terms, code words. phew. everything else, including the war boosterism, was predictable. enough. later: and wasn't this ["to bring our economy out of recession, we delivered the largest tax relief in a generation."] a nice little bit of fiction? there was no cognizance of recession when he ran on his tax cut platform.

+ one of those 'fine points' of being an independent, that noone ever tells you how to accomplish successfully, is engineering the sequence of client payments to coincide with monthly bills. next strategy: sending lollipops with the invoice.