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tue 28 jan 03

+ i'd like to report on my impressions of the state of the union address, but shortly after mr. bush began reading from his prompters, i 'promptly' fell asleep. guess i'll catch the transcripts.

+ eh, sunset was ok tonight, but nothing especially photogenic. then again, i probably would have gone into paroxysms of ecstasy if i saw it back in new jersey. context, y'know?

+ reuters: consumer confidence at a nine year low.

+ ny times: white house expected to disclose evidence of iraqi threat. glad to see it *finally* happening.

+ bikemagic: cannondale files chapter 11.

+ abc news: analyst confirms u.s. nuclear war plans. "i am become death, the destroyer of worlds." via virulent memes.

+ builder.com: try css media types to build printer-friendly pages.

+ newsday: bush's medicare rx will squeeze out the elderly. "bush wants insurers to be paid more. he can't get doctors and hospitals to accept less. he still wants to 'save' medicare (that is, the taxpayers) for the future. so there is only one party left to squeeze: elderly beneficiaries."

+ middle east news: oil prices rise on iraq warning shot to kuwait.

+ nando times: state deficits may force cuts in medicaid.

+ science daily: study is first to confirm link between exercise and changes in brain chemistry.

+ nj.com: north korea warns of 'armed clash.' i will be interested to hear what mr. bush has to say about north korea tonight.

+ pbs.org, the american experience: the pill.

+ freshmeat: website for content and community.

+ time: how affirmative action helped george w. thanks, stephen.

+ not that my vote counts for much, small-font fan that i am ... but weblogs.com with the new css layout and smaller fonts is very much to my taste.

+ sitemeter stats have been getting buggier lately. if this page neverendingly loads, just hit stop. hopefully, the situation will clear soon; if it doesn't, i'll remove the stats code.

+ chronicle of higher ed: the mythical threat of genetic determinism. very interesting; just skimmed. flagged for depth reading later.

+ economist: defending classical music.

+ new republic: "a moderately active fat person is likely to be far healthier than someone who is svelte but sedentary."

+ guardian.uk: fees unaffordable for arts students. established artists should take 'apprenticeships.'

+ santa fe new mexican: sobering sight.

+ ny times editorial: federal funds to build churches.

+ ny times op-ed: the prince of peace was a warrior, too. yes, well ... "for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." i think that's more what the 'religious liberals' are worried about.

+ ny times: anti-french riots rage in ivory coast.

+ this is going to be one of those 'tough' days. sorry, readers.

+ opera 7 for windows.

+ appointments out the wazoo today.