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mon 27 jan 03

+ radio free europe: was the harry potter film's character, "dobby," modeled on vladimir putin? mwah-hah-hah.

+ way down on traffic today; must be the superbowl hangover effect.

+ radio free europe: shia majority hopes for greater share of power after saddam.

+ zdnet: why microsoft was right about linux.

+ times.uk: are you brave enough to wear the new mini? i don't have the knees for it.

+ freshmeat: mysql update.

+ slashdot: book review, php and mysql web development.

+ earthweb: expandable fill-in-the-blank quiz. javascript.

+ abc: the "s.u.v." deduction.

+ nandotimes: daschle asks for proof on iraq arms. using the adlai stevenson/cuban missile crisis example. good.

+ nj.com/ap: european union takes action on colorant in salmon, eggs. canthaxanthin, if i remember correctly is also the ingredient in those 'tanning pills' that were popular a while back. but there is an alternative ... you'll just pay more.

+ reuters: ivory coast, who controls what.

+ u.s. pollution release information.

+ msnbc: senate limits pentagon 'data mining'.

+ didn't want to break the non-virtual nature of the day yesterday. but the sunset was cool, and if you look close, you can see the shadows of the contrails on the layer of clouds above:

contrails, santa fe, new mexico, january 26, 2003.

+ and the obvious? got a nice sunset over there in jolly old england.

+ ph8. phunny.

+ msnbc: martha stewart claims to have lost $400 million in imclone probe. "my business is about homemaking ...[snip] ... and that i have been turned into or vilified openly as something other than what i really am has been really confusing."

+ chicago tribune: bush sheds some 'burdensome' friends. some interesting points here. "postwar iraq promises to be a magnet for al qaeda operatives eager to resume the fight against america. if we can't prevent terrorist attacks in places like saudi arabia and kuwait, imagine what we can expect in iraq."

+ kim kommando: gourmet foods.

+ platts: kuwaiti environmentalists say refineries dump toxic waste. link rot warning. would we americans care if fully informed of the environmental impacts of foreign oil refineries?

+ iafrica: tibetan activist executed in china.

+ independent.uk: our man in paris: is ballet a form of child abuse?

+ freshmeat: xml security library. 'mybeasties' [perl].

+ "rbabwcetywits." i like it. now, if i could pronounce it ...

+ ny review of books: anti-europeanism in america. "american anti-europeanism exists; and its carriers may be the first swallows of a long, bad summer."

+ la times: in a world of formulaic music, where did norah jones come from? unfortunately, brace yourself for the 'norah jones' formula. coming to a cd player year you.

+ guardian.uk: anarchists and the 'fine art' of torture. torture by modern art. many schoolkids will identify with this, methinks. but it does sound even worse than chinese water-drop torture.

+ times.uk: many famous paintings have simply disappeared. "anyone who reads this absorbing book is bound to emerge with a determination to be more alert, especially in the dark recesses of grandparents' attics or obscure shops where dust-smothered old paintings are stacked against the wall."

+ ny times obit: hugh trevor-roper, hitler historian, passes on. he was the scholar hoodwinked by 'the hitler diaries.'

+ i haven't commented on the copyright situation yet. for reason. wait for the vitriol to get vented, before answering. i have a significant amount of photography that i will not brook a short-term copyright for. but if were creating a piece of code, i would have no issue with a short-term copyright in that instance [our online world remakes itself in months]. the idea of one blanket covering the entire spectrum of items copyrighted is, to my mind, idiotic. i've thought so since first being introduced to our current system. it's like having one prison sentence for 'violence;' it would be biased towards the greatest evil encountered. the result would be more injustice than justice.

+ times of india: maxim magazine promotes 'muscle over mahatma.' "... the magazine depicts 21 different scenes of a muscular man hitting, kicking and choking mahatma gandhi, who is named in the text." who would wimp out in a hunger strike? one guess. somehow, i would never look to a magazine like 'maxim' for intelligent discourse. testosterone discourse, yes.

+ ny times op-ed: how bush can avoid the inspections trap. the last four paragraphs (in specific, the first two of those four) pretty much sum up my philosophy of what must be accomplished in order to find acceptable justification for the commencement of war (acceptable to the world, that is).

+ ny times: radioactive waste dump in a wildlife refuge raises liability concerns. oh, for heaven's sake. we had the money to create the blasted mess; we must pay to clean it up *properly,* in perpetuity.

+ ny times: serving notice of a new u.s., poised to hit first and alone. discussing our new 'doctrine of pre-emption.'

+ then again, that halftime show (which i briefly caught) was pretty dire. shania lip-synching in that quasi-audrey hepburn-elvira getup, gwen stefani couldn't sing in tune ... only sting revealed the artistry of his pipes.

+ reuters: it's only a game, people. get a freakin' life.

+ the ny times takes an initial calm tone on the blix report. reuters is a bit more fact-filled. they also note the report that there is, as yet, no proof of iraq seeking to revive their nuclear weapons program. nevertheless, colin powell says time is running out.

+ santa fe new mexican: 'the fired, and subsequently restored, los alamos investigators return. "... equipment worth less than $5,000 was rarely tracked, and managers didn't pay much attention." merry xmas, all year long.

+ santa fe new mexican: 'new' dino tracks found in new mexico.

+ even dropping blogging for a day, it's difficult to get the momentum back.

+ up late saturday night, on sunday the wedding was successful, and i went to bed early. and now i'm back.