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fri 24 jan 03

+ later on, after sunset, the clouds have dissipated somewhat, and the sun lights up different layers. 90mm shot vs. the 28 below. a neverending lightshow:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 24, 2003.

+ early into tonight's sunset:

impending sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 24, 2003.

+ the new boots arrived, but they just might go back. just a shade small; i'll keep wearing them inside for a couple of hours to see how they break in. but they are nothing, if not bilious blue:

new la sportiva glaciers.

+ webmasterbase: build user-controlled stylesheets.

+ seattle times: bugs breathe.

+ national geographic: photographer recounts journey across u.s. border with mexican immigrants.

+ abc news.au: big bang, iraq, the economy ... everyone knows the important question: toilet paper, over or under?

+ bibliomania.

+ pbs has a short series of mauldin's "willie 'n' joe" cartoons up.

+ ny daily news: school of unschooled art.

+ net-security: review, apache administrator's handbook.

+ other things on my mind than weblogging today. besides, fridays are always slow in the blog world ...

+ nandotimes: fcc to hold public hearing on media ownership rules.

+ discover: in the same vein, will computers replace engineers?

+ ny times editorial: "twilight of the grand masters." and, the rise of 'hal-9000' and 'the terminator.' i see kasparov in the jeep with linda hamilton, at the mexican gas station, watching the approaching storm. the new york times merely took the polariod.

+ ny times: a car auction i've got to see. next year. gt-40's? dang.

+ santa fe new mexican: as you know, our state rates pretty badly for drunken driving. up in española, two guys hit each other head-on. both had been drinking, both had revoked licenses. they've been talking about that breathalyzer/ignition device, and changing insurance laws so as to discourage vehicle-borrowing. maybe this will speed things up?

+ mentioned in the previous article, the carnegie endowment for international peace, downloadable report, "iraq, what's next?" very good, specific information. from this, you can make up your own minds. important point, to be emphasized: iraq is no threat while under inspection. hussein cannot import, develop or produce weaponry. he is contained in an 'iron box,' to use this reports terminology.

+ i'll try to deal with iraq in one paragraph today. the u.s. claims it has evidence, but will only reveal it "at an appropriate time and in an appropriate way." apparently, that also means it's not the right time to share information with the international atomic energy agency (13th paragraph). powell is now hog-tied, the hawks will take over ... and likely move unilaterally. as for europe, one can love america, but disdain bush. and even in america, apparently, bush's strong support is beginning to wane, though it could be characterised as merely returning to 'normal' presidential levels. the economic forum at davos also puzzles with america; love it or hate it, your economy can't do without it.

+ reuters: reeve says spinal repair trials are underway.

+ cnn: park service steamed over metamucil ad. saw it last night; it's funny once, and only once. problem is, many people have died falling through the thin crusts of minerals at yellowstone; boiling to death isn't exactly fun. and the hot spring is ruined for eternity.

+ cnn: hope? ivory coast deal sees coalition.

+ cnn: thacker withdraws from aids panel.

+ grey sheet clouds from horizon to horizon this morning. very unusual for santa fe, unless precip is due. gotta check the weather.