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thu 23 jan 03

+ play vangelis, 1492, "twenty eight parallel" with that, and you get the idea.

+ got that one on film; if they come out at all decent, i may just offer prints for sale. ethereal, that one.

+ this one just blew my mind, so i'm giving it to you a bit larger, at 450 wide:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 23, 2003.

+ speaking of which, safire's op-ed in the times today was pretty over-the-top. rehashing cheap personal attacks, and not telling the whole story. and the czar/german imperialism angle? hitting american world war german prejudice? puh-leez. pulling together in versailles. the bottom of the article has what you're looking for. and, schröder vs. the media. german privacy laws are significantly different from ours, and safire knows it. an article worthy of the weekly world news.

+ in the coming days that will lead up to gulf war 2, keep the logical fallacies handy as you wade through the exponentially-increasing jingoism.

+ mac observer: omnioutliner 2.2 beta. xml export.

+ internet.com: congress plans to slash e-gov funding.

+ rediff: indian monks oppose 'bharat ratna' to dalai lama. "we would go to the extent of immolating ourselves before parliament if the government makes any move or accepts any proposal to confer the bharat ratna on the dalai lama." my italics.

+ silicon valley: 'agent orange' can cause leukemia.

+ pop cult: that fatal day.

+ freshmeat: rubymail.

+ xml.com: the return of xml hypertext.

+ women's enews: seeing beyond roe, bush aims at contraception. see my comment yesterday.

+ developershed: doing more with xml schemas.

+ washington times: bush urges ban on partial-birth abortions. more information about the legal situation.

+ new scientist: u.s. building a highway to the south pole.

+ nando times: "freakishly large" 325 million year old cephalopod found in arkansas. in a drainage ditch, by an intersection.

+ national geographic: british scientists discover ichthyosaur vomit. science isn't always wine and roses, right?

+ new straits times: dr. m: muslims resorting to terror due to misinterpretation of teachings.

+ silicon valley: farm group says u.s.d.a. put bad corn into feed chain.

+ serverwatch: the latest apache 2 release marks an emphasis on simpler upgrades.

+ japan times: carrier u.s.s. kitty hawk leaves yokosuka to monitor koreas.

+ zdnet: senator slams pentagon data mining.

+ health 24: fashion can make you sick.

+ booknotes: "made in china." pffft.

+ the american prospect: reich, the rove machine rolls on. segretti. now there's a name i haven't heard in almost thirty years. some mentor. watergate comes back to prod generation x?

+ sacbee: buckley, a future for saddam. and he's right. this long-drawn-out melodramatic military buildup, the statement by bush about holding war crimes against generals, and other points, is all ratcheting up the pressure for an abdication or assassination. the result would be a relatively painless regime change.

+ environmental news service: bush supporters unhappy with environmental policy. but not in the way you would assume.

+ bsd newsletter: freebsd 5.0 offers many new benefits. if i switch over my laptop, this'll probably be my first choice.

+ wired: 'a wonderful chaos.' what the music industry could learn from the online porn brokers. don't assume; read the article. moving people from anarchy to capitalism requires some finesse.

+ builder.com: should a freelance developer sacrifice freedom and go for a regular paycheck? wrong week to ask me this one, molly.

+ telegraph.uk: independence ... from tax. now washington's a hero. i still had granola for breakfast ...

+ globe and mail: les vies en rose. what if lincoln, washington were gay? does that change what i had for breakfast?

+ ny times op-ed: ms. rice, on why we know iraq is lying. "iraq's declaration even resorted to unabashed plagiarism ..." good thing they didn't sing it and turn it into an mp3 ... the riaa would be after them, too. the characterizations of the other 'disarmaments' is not parallel. do some googling. kazakhstan was a roast turkey on a golden platter, a dream disarmament. the dismantling of iraq is part of the original gulf war cease-fire terms. different kettle of fish. we need more proof, george, than this. proof of dishonesty, a history of deception, does not convict one of murder; evidence does. a mere circumstantial evidence case is damned hard to prove, and rarely won.

+ ny times: bush rescinds health policy. government by trial and error.

+ ny times: u.s. set to demand that allies agree iraq is defying u.n. good luck 'demanding.'

+ ny times: "here it's just me, and the rats."

+ just an aside, we've been having more galleries close in downtown santa fe. tourism may not have totally tanked, but *buying* sure has. the economy is devastatingly real here, i can tell you. we've had cerro grande and other fires kill tourism in previous years, september 11 destroyed tourism for a good period, last year's fires and forest closures ... and now neverending war and economic uncertainty. relying on tourism ain't too smart, eh? which is why i'm working my tush off trying to keep an even keel ... at least i'm *finding* work at the moment. some aren't so lucky ...

+ ny times: among four states, a great divide in fortunes.

+ ny times: bush plans to let religious groups get building aid.

+ reuters: rumsfeld dismissed germany and france yesterday, but today russia and china join the opposition. instead of calling iraq liars and obstructionists, maybe if the bush administration could offer the world some concrete proof ... ? lack of evidence does *not* equate to guilt, and vitriolic rhetoric is no good excuse for war. out with it, george ... you've teased the world and us long enough. what do you think you know?

+ cnn: bill mauldin passes away at 81. i've written about 'up front' before here. having a world war 2 vet as a father, you'd be expected to have some 'willie and joe' somewhere in the house. i'd forgotten about the jfk assassination cartoon; fantastic. i didn't realize he was a new mexican. tribute in the local paper. rest in peace, bill (willie, joe) ...

+ this is one of those rare weeks where i type 'thursday' and begin to panic. got a lot to finish working on.