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wed 22 jan 03

+ speaking of php/mysql, ran across tasks today. nice, lightweight project manager. clean design.

+ banging my head up against a php/mysql installer script. it is doing its very best to convince me i'm a wretch ...

+ the statesman: from africa to the andamans. evolutionary migrations.

+ nando times: spooked by new u.s. regulations, muslim asylum-seekers head north. "give us your tired, your poor ... your western europeans."

+ revolutionary jews and bunker hill bridge.

+ all of a sudden, i see news reports referring to madonna as "madge." is this something new, or have i been spending too much time with crt phosphors? when i picture 'madge,' i see the palmolive 'soak-your-nails' lady from the old television adverts.

+ scoop: biotech industry fails to control products. "there is an urgent need to make companies comply with international regulations by making them liable for damage from their products." if they're so safe and controllable, then there's no risk of liability ... right?

+ xmlblaster.org. frames; click on 'what is xmlblaster?'

+ a sunset that just kept on getting better. i did a pano, but the camera's auto settings put such a variance on the frames, i'd be embarrassed to post it. so you get this instead:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 22, 2003.

+ bbc: the pill changes women's taste in men. crispy crunchy vs. milquetoast. just an aside, you realize that the use of birth control pills will be the next target after roe vs. wade is overturned. the fundamentalists call it 'silent abortion.' do a google search sometime. via mefi.

+ new scientist: four-winged dinosaur. "this is so far out of the box that we need to sit back and figure out how this can work."

+ new scientist: creating living tissue ... with an ink jet printer.

+ another island for sale.

+ cbs: senate clears bush 'clean air' rules. i guess the grand canyon will continue to 'benefit' from the leftovers of los angeles ...

+ reuters: u.s. will hold iraqi oil 'in trust'. "if we are the occupying power, it will be held for the benefit of the iraqi people and it will be operated for the benefit of the iraqi people." interesting method to attempt to defang the anti-war protests. care to put that in writing, colin?

+ msnbc: the american bankers association believes the fed will raise rates late summer '03. betcha it won't happen if there's a war-triggered recession.

+ mythweb.com.

+ the american prospect: who's right now?

+ reuters: bush issues war crimes warning to iraqi generals.

+ ny daily news: christo to hang 23 miles of fabric in central park.

+ unix review: book review of 'customizing and upgrading linux, 2nd ed.'

+ freshmeat: update to the wing ide. just for ref, using wing ide with zope.

+ the register: become a wireless isp ... for &.php#163;300.

+ one more. the size of cars today has been brought to mind, so how 'bout this microcar collection?

+ back to programming.

+ times of india: russia says america will strike in late february.

+ mit tech review: negroponte, creating a culture of thinkers. "... perspective is more important than IQ ..." nice contrast to the below.

+ csm: deep thinkers missing in action. 'chess cheerleaders?' "america is not a deeply intellectual culture. [intellectualism] is a countercultural value, not one that most people embrace. it's not what life in the suburbs is about, and most of our wonderfully bright students come from a well-off suburb."

+ opinion journal: commercial appeal. commercials as creative risk-takers; 'tis true.

+ washington post: pap phenomenon. mannheim steamroller. "the less mannheim steamroller you actually listen to, the more inspired you'll be."

+ ny times op-ed: dowd, the class president. add to that, 'then there are the poor.'

+ picture of a 'velogemel', mentioned in the previous article.

+ ny times: on top of the world at jungfraujoch. my kind of trip.

+ ny times: emphasize disease prevention, health secretary tells insurers. "we are overweight. we don't exercise." just those two circumstances could be part of the reasoning behind this.

+ ny times: dreams of a kurdish state die, at least for now. "why do the arabs have 22 countries, and want a 23rd for the palestinians, but for the kurds, no?"

+ santa fe new mexican: governor bill richardson's "state of the state" speech. he seems to be betting the farm on getting more business and industry into new mexico. until the gross receipts tax goes away, i doubt we'll ever have this kind of permanent residents. [gross receipts tax takes 7% off my gross the month i earn it. then i get state taxed and federal taxed.]

+ reuters: sea breezes could turn deserts green.

+ reuters: the upcoming tomb raider game, "angel of darkness", will be delayed.

+ as with the last three days, i'm quite busy. i'll post as i have opportunity.