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tue 21 jan 03

+ new boots, ordered. the color isn't my first choice, but the price is right. they'll get dirty brown anyway, here in the high desert.

+ radio australia: the u.n. can't find any link between al-qaeda and iraq.

+ daily times, pakistan: women retake the wheel in afghanistan. 30 women will get their licenses.

+ daily times, pakistan: poetic license: u.s. big oil eyes a post-saddam iraq.

+ daily times, pakistan: six points for a u.n. indictment against iraq. something i haven't heard mentioned previously: "the inspectors came across large quantities of illegally imported goods, including ballistic missile engines." my emphasis.

+ sourceforge: jsp template engine.

+ how long as it been since you've heard 'mull of kintyre?' ever wonder just what the hell it was?

+ curtbrown.net: making a better mouse. oh, my.

+ and taraland's back up, in moveable type.

+ wheatblog's released showlister, a performance calendar cms.

+ come to think of it, though, when andrea, andré and hal were here this summer, andré was able to handle the habañeros without effect ... i barely held up my end by simply sweating profusely. [hal, i believe, wisely abstained.] gotta watch my assumptions. 'spicy noodles' is named quite appropriately. *grin*

+ when i visit germany, i'll simply *have* to have dinner in hell (scroll down). but i'll bring my own spice mixture, give y'all a real taste of hell.

+ msnbc: post-enron restatements surge. nope; our corporations are clean as a whistle, honest. cooking the books is absolutely not an issue in america.

+ page six: renée zellwegger will reprise 'bridget jones' in a sequel. including the 20 pounds.

+ dp review: fuji announces two new super ccd's ... hr, and the very interesting sr.

+ everyone's talking aggregators these days. you can build your own 'luddite' centralized aggregator, just an rss reader, with basic php, html and frames. i fooled with it two years ago, after developernation's 'newshound' closed down operations. say hello to a piece of my personal programming history: 'herodotus.' dropped it after commercial aggregators showed up. never saw fit to take it down. surprised that a lot of the rss feeds still work.

+ thomas jefferson, on patents. the riaa wouldn't like him much:

"a rule has occurred to me, which i think, would go far towards securing the citizen against the vexation of frivolous patents. it is to consider the invention of any new mechanical power, or of any new combination of the mechanical powers already known, as entitled to an exclusive grant; but that the purchaser of the right to use the invention should be free to apply it to every purpose of which it is susceptible."

+ chronicle of higher ed: dissident economists fight for a niche in the discipline. stay in your century, adam smith? post-autistic economics network.

+ wired: pork greases u.s. weapons programs. remember the b-1 bomber? rockwell famously spread procurement contracts to 47 of 50 states, in order to assert local pressure on congresspersons. the f/a-18 topped that with 49 states, i believe. drives the cost up, too. but your big-ticket item gets into the budget, guaranteed.

+ macromedia acquires presedia.

+ back to work, you numbskull.

+ women's enews: roe vs. wade at 30; dreams and predictions.

+ pravda: basics of all major religions practised in russia should be taught in secondary school, says supreme mufti.

+ usatoday: hospitals balk at smallpox vaccine. "this is not an issue that should be framed in terms of patriotism. this is an issue that's medical risk-benefit."

+ msnbc: burger wars in manhattan. "... crafted from ground sirloin, stuffed with foie gras and braised short ribs and topped with shaved black truffles ..."

+ aidsmap: hiv-positive evangelical christian appointed to presidential hiv panel. his site is scepter.org. read and judge for yourself.

+ ny post: mistaken double-mastectomy victim blasts tort reform. saw this woman on television last night. my thought: if it were back surgery, and you were inadvertently turned into a paraplegic by a slip of the scalpel, $250,000 would last one year.

+ reuters: volunteer 'human shields' head to iraq.

+ working for change: cries of 'reverse racism' ring hollow. "the u.s. constitution is perhaps the most enlightened basis for a nation's construction the world has seen. yet it is a living document, and one that can be torqued around according to the biases of its interpreters." the understatement of this new century.

+ financial express: bt cotton is benefiting farmers, claims monsanto. hummph. i had a link in a past posting wherein the bangkok post reported the exact opposite, that this was a disaster. link rot. well, you'll have to take my word for it.

+ cbs: skin scandal on kabul cable. drag the horse to water, you can't make him drink.

+ al hirschfeld, at the library of congress. the man was genius.

+ absolute arts: edouard vuillard at the national gallery of art.

+ ace's hardware: scaling server performance.

+ o'reilly: patching openbsd.

+ freshmeat: openoffice has incremented to 1.02. supposedly much faster.

+ usa today: it's official; hispanics are now the united states' largest minority.

+ ny times letters to the editor: bush takes on malpractice suits. the last two, in particular.

+ ny times: lobbyists held party for bush telecommunications official.

+ ny post: sony probed for booting homeless. throwing homeless folks out of a privately-built public plaza.

+ santa fe new mexican: panel recommends tax increases. los alamos national lab is exempt from gross receipts tax? get the gov to pay for their nuclear testbed-and-dumping ground. i, as a small biz have to pay it. they should, too.

+ reuters: "query by humming."

+ cnn: review, "the minotaur takes a cigarette break." add this to my list.

+ a bit of a break, time for a few links.

+ and, actually, it's design that's keeping me away from the weblog. slice 'n' dice central today ... later, folks.

+ ah, you are both gentlemen and aesthetes, to be so generous as to remember my work of three years ago. the design would never have shown such staying power without fantastic input from the both of you. a designer's job is to find congruence within disparate requests, and to reign in their own overreaching ambition. davosnewbies was one of those few designs where everything worked perfectly, right out of the box. i'm sad to see it go, as with any of my 'children,' but it was time.

+ so, i had some spare time to post last night. the same routine is going to manifest today. still have a pile of work to grind through. sorry. it's a temporary situation, i assure you.