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sun 19 jan 03

+ new boots. tomorrow. first thing. charge it, baby. good, deep lugs.

+ today i performed one of those dumb-as-a-stump actions, things you think you've 'grown out' of. went for a hike up one of the mountains here ... intended to just get a good workout. pump to the top, cruise back down. i didn't leave enough time before dark. and, to make matters worse, i have been putting off buying new hiking boots. my treads are worn down. so what am i hiking through? ice patches, no traction, no way to go around. you don't think about coming back down while concentrating on summiting. i walk too far up before deciding that it might be good to start down before it gets too dark. as i'm heading down, i slip on some ice, hole my palm on a pinon tree. bloodied my mouse hand, dammit. not bad, just frustrating. continues to get dark, i pull out my trusty little maglight to help me on my way ... i didn't check the batteries before i left. dim. just before i reach the car, i fall on my stupid ass on an invisible patch of black ice. no damage done to my brains, however, though my ass seems to be were i kept 'em today.

did i mention the entire walk was absolutely gorgeously beautiful? the lights of santa fe, from a couple thousand feet above, twinkle merrily. and walking through the pine forest, as sun fell and stars rose, serenaded by owls and coyotes, was a goose-pimple experience?

+ more counterpoint is up.

+ reuters: sign on side of road in korean peninsula, "farm fresh, free range nukes. $1,000,000,000."

+ reuters: high ephedra doses linked to stroke risk. and, how much does that effect increase if it's a part of the e-c-a 'stack?'

+ reuters: war clouds cast a long shadow on the economy.

+ speaking of system updates, there's a .net security patch that just showed up this morning, win2k and xp.

+ cnn: study, schools becoming more segregated.

+ i somewhat abandoned my old windows laptop, once purchasing a new windows desktop. spent most of yesterday bringing it up to speed, with win2k service pack 3, and a couple dozen software updates. can't wait for the cable to get hooked up. between the dialup and the 400mhz processor, it was like pushing peanut butter out of a toothpaste tube. i guess maybe, since it's no longer a 'prime' box, i should think about linux or freebsd, to recapture some speed ...