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sat 18 jan 03

+ cnn: the power of the shoe bomb.

+ keysnews: betty crocker behind anthrax scare.

+ investigate biodiversity.

+ the american society of international law: cruise missile strikes in afghanistan and sudan. if you're interested in the legality of self-defense, internationally, this is interesting.

+ voa: ivorians protest civil war.

+ nj.com: tragedy in forest crusade leaves environmental group grappling with the price of its ideals.

+ ny times: workout revolution: is eight minutes of weight training all you need? don't poo-poo this. i guarantee you doing heavy squats will max your aerobic and anaerobic systems in seconds. it will be interesting to watch this battle grow.

+ scientific american: the neuroscience of suicide.

+ human nature review: the holy trinity and the legacy of the italian school of criminal anthropology. good lord, what a read. prior art for jimmy the greek.

+ i could link half the ny times today, but i'll stop here.

+ ny times frugal traveller: paris.

+ ny times: unusual allies succeed in halting princeton deer shoot. the deer do a valuable service in reducing the numbers of ambitious young lawyers and stockbrokers in sports cars. they'd overpopulate, otherwise. overdevelopment is the root of the problems in princeton, not the deer ... and the reason why i moved from my beloved hometown.

+ ny times: air pollution linked to low birth weight in african-americans.

+ ny times: u.s. may open oil reserve in alaska to development. if the iraq 'war' raises oil prices, there will be no dissent, i'm sure.

+ ny times: more info on that ghost ship. whisking away bali terrorists? the mystery deepens.

+ ny times: this weekend marks the 200th anniversary of the lewis and clark expedition. if you've got the cash, you might think about purchasing this (or, find it in hardback, even better). and be sure to write on the flyleaves that you purchased it on the 200th anniversary.

+ ny times: how much proof in iraq is enough for a strike?

+ santa fe new mexican: peace demonstrators plan albuquerque rally. at the gates of kirtland afb, and even at a piece of property owned by donald rumsfeld!

+ santa fe new mexican: the two los alamos whistle-blowers have regained their jobs. the former director said "said the two were acting 'more like policemen' than officials in a security division." huh?

+ santa fe new mexican: preparing for fire season. unless el niño gets its act together, we may end up with a longer fire season than last year. which means, i'd best get my backpacking done in the early spring. time to redouble the exercise regimen.

+ cnn: gulf war veterans suing companies for chemical exports. gulf war syndrome is no joke; i have a friend who suffers with this. an interesting move, though i doubt it will get far.

+ another gorgeous sunrise this morning.