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fri 17 jan 03

+ quite sad, actually, to see how many of us have nothing better to do than weblog on a perfectly decent friday night. time was, i'd be out hootin' and hollerin' all night long. instead, i made y'all another sunset desktop. one o' these days, i'll be able to afford one of them new-fangled slide scanners, and give y'all better quality. but now, i'll go back to rearranging my sock drawer and inspecting my navel. gay-ron-teed to raise my i.q. ...

+ forget smallpox vaccines. i recommend this for the laughing boys up on capitol hill.

+ new scientist: hopefully, this will cap off my 'plague' postings today. a 'dipstick' gives rapid plague diagnosis. we could surely use 'em around here.

+ a good 'un tonight:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 17, 2003.

+ edie.net: water pollution trading for the u.s. i just hope the majority of the budget for these 'trading' ideas goes to the projects, and not to the complex management these schemes seem to require.

+ toronto star: jamaican request for slavery reparations rejected. "governments today cannot take responsibility for what happened over 150 years ago." i wonder if this will be a precedent for the united states.

+ ny daily news: mounting a great horse opera. "monte walsh" on tnt tonight. i plum fergot to mention the main character's modeled off a cowboy who's still livin', over in cerrillos.

+ santa fe new mexican: following up on past sensationalist headlines, the manhattan plague victim is improving. it turned into septicemic plague, and he's lost both his feet. i'm sure he'll be overjoyed to return to santa fe, when he is able. there are some good physical therapy folks in town here.

+ the times also has a long article on the 'makeover' of muammar el-qaddafi.

+ ny times: home depot promises remodeled stores. another cheap shot ... how do you 'remodel' cinder blocks? i'd be happy if they just vacuumed once in a while.

+ reuters: condoleeza rice partly at odds with bush on race case.

+ if anyone else in new mex reads this, the general services division has an rfp out for 'information technology' services.

+ new york times: with incessant postings, a pundit stirs the plot. i had a pithy comment for this item, but felt it was unseemly.

+ time's shadow: too little, too late. given his military experience, when dave proposes an attack date, i listen. i advise you do, too. the importance of moon phase is one of those things us 'civvies' overlook.

+ don't have time to do any 'deep aggregation' today; maybe later. got work to accomplish.

+ pbs: the hound of the baskervilles.

+ the american prospect: john zogby's creative polls, and a closer look at his methods. if you tend to take polls as gospel, read this ... and be sure to extrapolate to other polling companies.

+ sunspot: voices for peace grow stronger.

+ chicago business: big names join forces to tackle global warming.

+ department of state, via the american embassy in london: 2002 humanitarian successes in afghanistan.

+ iht: menswear gets all dressed up.

+ net-security.org: halting the hacker.

+ the register: rumsfeld orders .mil web lockdown.

+ wired: los alamos nuke storage snafu. this is journalism? wired needs to get out from behind their lcd screens. you can drive up to the santa fe ski basin, and with a garden-variety pair of binoculars see the canvas tents under which los alamos stores the drums of nuclear waste. again, probably for the dozenth time, i point you to the los alamos study group. the cerro grande fire exposed many lax nuclear storage practices ... not that anything's been remedied in that time. how 'bout those wipp trucks running down 285 to carlsbad, unescorted?

+ atlantic online: suspicious minds. "interpersonal trust does not change much through life: the trusting young adults of the 1950s are the trusting retirees of today, and their children and grandchildren have expressed less trust in othersówith a slight uptick among people just now coming of age. this suggests that the decline is related to basic changes in american life." if you're following our counterpoint thread, this is another point on the old info graph.

+ times of india: lost vials of plague samples found in texas. you could always feed the squirrels in my neighborhood. the area east of santa fe has issues with bubonic plague-infested squirrels. hantavirus in the mice. and, coccidioides immitis. oh, we're just a bioterror wonderland out here. sunsets are nice too, if you didn't notice. (*big yawn*)

+ wired: librarians split on sharing info. "... federal and local law enforcement agents visited at least 545 libraries to inquire after patrons' records."

+ boston herald: cd sales are down, but the reason may not be solely music-swapping.

+ i have no stomach left for the rest of the times. on to other sources.

+ just to give reference to my thoughts in the link below, bush is treading where others have paved the way:

"i believe the budget can be balanced by 1982 or 1983."
- reagan, 9/21/80

"i have submitted an economic plan that i have worked out in concert with a number of fine economists in this country, all of whom approve it and believe ... that it can provide for a balanced budget by 1983 if not earlier."
- reagan, presidential debate, 10/28/80

"i'm as committed today as on the first day i took office to balancing the budget."
- reagan, 9/15/81

"this administration is committed to a balanced budget, and we will fight to the last blow to achieve it by 1984."
- reagan, 9/21/81

and, of course, the political 'kicker', in my opinion:

"in the first place, i said that [a balanced budget] was our goal, not a promise."
- reagan, 12/17/81

politicians play on your assumptions. watch their rhetoric carefully.

+ new york times op-ed: off the wagon. "what did you do in the war, daddy?" "i got a big tax cut, and passed the bill on to you." generation y best be listening.

+ new york times dining and wine: agave. sorry to impose our whacked-out 'nuevo southwestern' cuisine on you manhattanites. wait for it; they'll be naming sauces 'paints' soon.

+ new york times: tropical drama on kauai. kauai remains my fave of the hawaiian islands. looking forward to doing the na pali trail sometime.

+ new york times: atlantic sharks in rapid decline. most species have plunged by more than half.

+ new york times: enjoying the architecture of berkeley.

+ new york times movie review: city of god. sounds good.

+ santa fe new mexican: officials expected toxic levels at lab. the fact that they 'expected' it should make it all o.k.? "as of 1995, 300 million gallons of discharge from a liquid radioactive waste treatment facility at the lab have been released into the canyon." my emphasis. half a mile from the nearest municipal well. los alamos watershed drains into the rio grande, and santa fe is considering exercising their rights to rio grande water. at that point, maybe i should consider moving upstream, or farther east into another watershed.

+ santa fe new mexican: pnm seeks repeal of renewable-energy rule. "... pnm is still evaluating the rule but said the company estimates that implementing it could cost ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars." sounds like juggling the numbers for political effect, to me.

+ warheads in the news. it's the 'empty warheads' in baghdad, london and washington that worry me the most. cheap shot, i know.

+ reuters: baby formula violates international policy.

+ cnn: saddam, "new mongols will face defeat." okay, i'll bite. where are the mongols now? to be totally loony about this link, wouldn't it be something to have mongols, who practice tibetan buddhism, conquer iraq?

+ i'm a little late to the party this morning. my batteries were low; i had to pull the extension cord out of my left ear and plug myself in.