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thu 16 jan 03

+ santa fe new mexican: crews postpone burn at bandelier. it was a burn at bandelier that raged out of control, and became the infamous cerro grande fire that consumed the western side of los alamos.

+ reuters: u.s. air force says 'speed' is good for tired pilots. "just say yes to drugs." dexedrine information. nice side effect profile and warnings ("don't drive until you know how this medication affects you"). being a fighter pilot is quite a bit more complex than driving. here's an idea ... give the pilots the same amount of dex, stuff 'em in a simulator for the same amount of sleepless time, and test theories. it'll never happen, but it would put some of this to bed.

+ cnn: personal strap-on aircraft for sale.

+ ny times: white house allows limits on emergency coverage. in a nation where insurance is unaffordable, and the emergency room becomes the family physician - don't reform - just pull the rug out. even better, fifty different rugs ... some with bigger holes than others. via billsaysthis.

+ volker is killing me with this stuff. gimme a beach chair, and a room tab, and i'm *so* there.

+ tasted good, too. and here you thought you were going to get a sunset, eh?

+ oh, you radishing thing:


+ bbc: empty chemical warheads seized in iraq.

+ screen-scraper.

+ comcast cable modems are finally available in the area. figure i'd buy my own cable modems. i need to hook up two machines (three would be better). any hints to save $?

+ discovery.com: the role of meat in human evolution questioned. cue the 'starchy tuber' veggie warriors. put on your halos, kids.

+ weather, a little north of santa fe. five day historical data, too.

+ ny times: justices reject double-jeopardy claim. a deadlock is not a decision, in other words.

+ navakal: okay, forget all this 'abortion might possibly cause an increase in the likelihood of breast cancer' shtuff. bras may cause breast cancer. so? get busy amending those government websites.

+ asiatimes: afghanistan, the war gathers momentum. it ain't over yet, and looks like we could end up like russia in the 80's. "the same strategy has been devised in the present guerrilla warfare against the u.s. - the mujahideen will grab u.s. weapons and use them against the u.s. forces."

+ freshmeat: savemymodem.

+ a telemarketer just rang. "hello, sir. we would like to build your company a beautiful efficient website that is guaranteed enhance your profitability." "can i see a written copy of your guarantee?" i wonder why she hung up?

+ absolute arts: the frye art museum in seattle will be hosting a juried photographic exhibition on contemporary northwest women photographers. i'd like to see that.

+ nj.com: okay, get this ... california officials miscalculate vehicle emissions. by almost a third.

+ voa: environmentalists and animal rights activists are a bit upset with the jumping frog contest in calaveras county. no word if gisele will be appearing in stylish and politically incorrect 'wart suit.'

+ food ingredients first: world planting of biotech crops up 12% in 2002.

+ metafilter: u.s. income distribution moves toward a third world profile.

+ i am disinterested in the news today. maybe i can find something in the aggregator to light a spark.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the invisible jobless. hear, hear.

+ ny times editorial: states' rights versus civil rights. when talking states' rights, learn the lessons of your own state's legislative shenanigans, and always remember selma, alabama.

+ ny times: the black sea yields ship from greece's glory days.

+ ny times: a week when punk rules mtv. anyone remember that van halen was styled 'punk' when they debuted?

+ reuters: bush to seek medical malpractice caps. $250,000 for pain and suffering. seems a bit low for these expensive times. and, mr. bush, do we get a guarantee that insurance rates will go down after this passes? hasn't happened in the past ...

+ cnn is reporting that the u.n. inspectors have found evidence of illegal imported weapons materials in iraq. they haven't determined whether they're related to wmd's, but i think if inspectors are finding such things at this early stage, one can reasonably deduce more such items will be found. "tense and dangerous" is right.

+ more counterpoint up this morning; karl and dan.

+ ... and i just called a client's cell phone to warn them that they'd dropped their cell phone in my office. *doy.*