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wed 15 jan 03

+ forgot to mention yesterday, that those samples for the new kodak dcs-14n 14 megapixel beast have some *serious* moire. thought my little 4800 was bad; this looks worse. downloaded one of the files showing hair on a model. i'll have to print it out to check ... but whoah. major gear-teeth to my eyes.

+ lest you think every sunset is perfect, sometimes it takes an airplane to give interest:

sunset, santa fe, january 15, 2003.

+ a few more items added to counterpoint. been busy this day.

+ news.com.au: fur flies on the catwalk. check the poster; pretty foxy.

+ simple python blogger.

+ no linkage this afternoon, 'cause a client called with an emergency. i think we've got it bottled up. a nice little challenge. tomorrow will determine the end of the story.

+ the hill: house conservatives tighten grip on power. "many centrists are angered by a $50,000 contribution that majority leader tom delay (texas) made to the club for growth, a conservative advocacy group whose mission they say is to defeat liberal republicans in primaries." a centrist is a 'liberal republican?'

+ freshmeat: websight directory system.

+ openforbusiness: mandrakesoft declares bankruptcy.

+ ibm developerworks: hyperthreading speeds linux.

+ nj.com: the fda needs to address potential problems with biotech fish.

+ the museum of costume.

+ my dental hygienist told me unequivocally, "use toothpicks! otherwise, you'll be in our three month visit plan." all my lame excuses didn't work. excuse me, while i pick my teeth ...

+ city-journal.uk: why shakespeare is for all time.

+ times of india: english bishops see no justification for iraq war.

+ times of india: some old ladies keep their dead husband's urns on the mantlepiece, and some sons get their dad's tattoos taxidermied.

+ globe and mail: archaeological digs routed by threat of war.

+ la times: the anti-war show.

+ ny times letters to the editor: the nuclear treaty.

+ ny times letters to the editor: think rich, vote rich, get rich. i find the first instalment reminds me of something chris said in our gen x discussion.

+ ny times op-ed: dowd, running fast into the past. "i trust bush with my daughter, but i trust clinton with my job."

+ ny times: nj governor speaks fervently on sprawl, mum on taxes. he's about 20 years too late to encourage developers to put vital monies into infrastructure. damage is done.

+ ny times: more infants sleeping with their parents. another case of "do we really need the government in our bedrooms?"

+ gotta go.

+ ny times: bush may intervene in affirmative-action case.

+ ny times: study documents use of abortion pill. abortion rates are at their lowest rate since the '70's.

+ ny times: new economic data may decide fate of bush tax plan.

+ our discussion of generation x (in counterpoint) continues. dan's doing an rss feed, and we're looking for gen x'ers who *don't* vote.

+ cnn: bush job approval rating drops. if it goes below 50, watch congressional republicans raise their heads.

+ cnn: pirates on the high seas? probable.

+ cnn: dog maulings in a chicago park. in northwestern n.m., we had a pack of stray dogs turn 'vampire.' they were hunted down and killed.

+ cnn: harry potter and the order of the phoenix, june 21.

+ a visit to the dentist this morning. i'll see what i can do in the next hour.