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tue 14 jan 03

+ see, you ask nicely, and what do you get? a nice sunset formatted for 1280x1024. i assume y'all can resize as needed. sharpening only emphasized the grain, so i left it as-is. a little desaturation; my camera gets dramatic. the effect is impressionistic.

+ if folks ask, i might even make a desktop out of that one, too. the original's sharp enough that i could be convinced.

+ talk about a quick hike. sweating like a dog. but a nice sunset, baby:

sunset from the eldorado wilderness, january 14, 2003.

+ we got high, thin wispies. should be a good sunset, so i'm heading off to my 'sunset spot.' if i get anything good, i'll post it.

+ nature: clothes clean drinking water. filtering drinking water through folds of cotton cuts cholera cases by half. good hint for backpacking, if your fancy filtration unit bites the dust. no specific recommendation for giardia and such, but hey ... any port in a storm.

+ boxes and arrows: dreamweaver primer.

+ ibm developerworks: effective xml processing with dom and xpath in java and explore your xml data binding options. for those of you who imbibe of that caffeinated beast.

+ counterpunch: the corporate black caucus? so many political associations sell part of their souls to corporations.

+ irin: ivory coast political forces seek peace in paris.

+ sourceforge: phpzip.

+ desertusa.com. where are the bumper stickers?

+ life interrupted, the japanese-american experience in world war 2.

+ nando times: u.s. to challenge promotion of libya to chair of u.n. human rights panel. "is there any state that would take responsibility for the bombing of a civilian airliner and the killing of 270 people?" er, for one example, i believe reagan did for the shootdown of that iranian passenger jet, in 1988. i believe a similar number lost their lives. that was a mistake, and not a terrorist act ... but folks on the receiving end may have a different interpretation.

+ unix review pans "essential blogging." "if there's a second edition, the authors need to cover a wider variety of blogging applications to truly call it 'essential'."

+ cnet news: apple snub stings mozilla.

+ dp review: kodak dcs-14n ship date to slip another two weeks. samples, though.

+ boston globe: right and wrong. "nothing could be further in spirit from the optimistic faith in benevolent elites of today's straussian neoconservatives, who learned from the mid-century german philosopher leo strauss to distinguish the "esoteric" truth, accessible only to "philosophers," from the deceptive "exoteric" version of reality that must be disseminated to the broader public by politicians, pundits, and preachers."

+ chronicle of higher ed: what teaching literature should really mean.

+ welcome back, ed.

+ gotta scram.

+ national post: chagall and chanel. the genius of brodovitch.

+ fortune: oh, pooh. sounds like they need a little 'wu wei', or 'the uncarved block' treatment. later: susan's been dealing with this more than i have.

+ national post: hip hop's not done yet. er, hip-hop, or hip hop? hyphen, or no?

+ sf gate: art and power.

+ ny times books: "kingdom of fear," hunter s. thompson.

+ ny times: news from state governments become ever more dire. new governors discover the ink turning redder, and, most states cutting back on medicaid.

+ ny times: batten down your s.u.v., buy that extra cord of wood, pump up your bike tires ... oil hits 27-month high, on iraq findings.

+ ny times: old words on war stirring a new dispute at berkeley. "in an unusual showdown over freedom of expression, university officials have refused to allow a fund-raising appeal for the emma goldman papers project to be mailed because it quoted goldman on the subjects of suppression of free speech and her opposition to war." berkeley was the center of the 'free speech movement,' once upon a time.

+ ny times: study finds more children taking psychiatric drugs. "the long-term effects of such drugs, particularly on the brain, are largely unknown."

+ santa fe new mexican: and for anyone who was worried by one of my previous posts, it looks like the cumbres & toltec railway is saved.

+ santa fe new mexican: many young folks go uninsured in a 'bet worth taking.' almost *advocating* doing without health insurance? an interesting point here, however ... unemployment compensation is not enough to cover health insurance. time for some compassionate conservatism, eh?

+ santa fe new mexican: "tears for all." the shuttlejack bus crash case finally ends. because the dead were native santa feans, and the company owner was a native santa fean, there is angst on both sides. but be warned; those buses that schools charter for your childrens' trips may not be properly inspected, nor safe. *ask.*

+ cnn: possible old stone tablet from "king solomon's temple."

+ counterpoint, generation x continues this morning.

+ this morning is going to be 'one of those mornings' ... i can feel it. early meetings. probably few posts until afternoon.