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mon 13 jan 03

+ the 'baby boomers home page.'

+ the register: operation desert spam.

+ builder.com evangelizes java servlets over cgi.

+ new york post: sinning in style. the 'fashion victim 10 commandments.' ".php#8 ... thou shalt be a walking billboard." pass.

+ thescotsman.uk: unenlightened days when racism was thought to be 'trendy.' slightly different than you may expect.

+ boston globe: oliphant, cooking the books to sell a tax plan. gems in here. just one: "slashing revenues will add oceans of red ink to deficits and thus to the national debt, on which interest must be paid." glad to see at least *one* person in the mainstream press saying it.

+ abc: greenpeace stages a break-in at a british nuclear facility. to highlight lax security. and ten manage to reach the control room, with nothing more than wire cutters, ladders and basic climbing gear.

+ the register: recycling activists condemn pc manufacturers.

+ sourceforge: "the hopefully uncomprehensible shell." java.

+ manchester online: manchester's 'black' airport museum. you just *have* to click and see this. see what people bring on airplanes with them. once you've read a little bit, you would expect this collection of items, but when the page first came up, i actually sat back in my chair, and did a double-take.

+ dp review: rob galbraith's mac and pc comparison. for photographic workflow, the mac gets stomped. later: good civilized discussion in the forum, echoing many of my own feelings (having moved from mac to an xp box for the majority of my work).

+ freshmeat: babeldoc.

+ owasp: the top ten security vulnerabilities in web apps.

+ slashdot: freebsd 5.0 rc3 ready.

+ airliners.net.

+ papercraft.

+ 50?! happy birthday to proconsul.

+ airboard.

+ ny times op-ed, weekend: the triumph of hope over self-interest. this gets added to 'counterpoint' ...

+ foreign policy: an unnecessary war. looking at iraq, of course.

+ salt lake tribune: the sundance film festival starts thursday night.

+ the age.au: books that aren't for burning. "restoring a library book to collectable condition is like trying to return a kentucky fried chicken to the state of health where it can lay an egg." love that quote. yet, i've been known to fall in love with certain editions, and offering libraries $ for their copy. i go for the voluptuous hardback over the younger waif-like mass-market issue.

+ globe and mail: the ubiquity of hip-hop.

+ washington post: the trials and tribulations of preserving contemporary art.

+ times of india: iraq a long way from owning nukes: iaea. "asked about u.s. secretary of state colin powell's comment that the u.s. was now giving 'significant' information to the u.n. inspection teams, he said, 'not yet.'" make a note of this little item, next time you hear bush or powell speak.

+ mail and guardian: the digital age is making for a 'new world order.'

+ ny times editorial: post-newtonian politics. in which the farce that was term limits is further buried. and watch out for our deepening debt; we have a group of legislators with our charge card, but it seems we won't know the sum of charges until the end-of-year statement.

+ ny times editorial: the education of governor ryan. isn't there a famous quote about letting the guilty free, rather than let one innocent die mistakenly?

+ ny times: all that hot air must be having an effect. "still, many experts on the climate system say that the slow, subtle evolution of the language in the most influential reports reflects an incremental, but significant shift toward certainty at least on the basic question: are people contributing to global warming?" ach, i still think global warming is overemphasized, a 'political polarization machine,' when local effects should be focused on ... and remediated. the real magnitude of the problem will then become more apparent. want to stop schmutz in the grand canyon? you have to reduce emissions from los angeles. los angeles generates a lot of energy for air conditioning to counteract the summer heat, and it seems hotter lately ...

+ ny times: wistful visions of muscular american cars. my blood has not been quickened, has yours?

+ ny times: judging the tax plan, four families shrug. the 2001 tax cut was no firebrand campaign platform; it was met with apathy by the electorate. this one seems only minutely more interesting.

+ santa fe new mexican: contaminants found in los alamos well. tritium, nitrate, perchlorate. after approx. 60 years of operation, only a numbskull wouldn't expect this.

+ santa fe new mexican: re-introducing the mustang to new mexico.

+ santa fe new mexican: north koreans get a taste of santa fe. the article seems to imply a bit of anti-semitism?

+ ny times: bush allies: close deficits with tax cuts. this is a load of b.s., and the republicans should know better than to beat this tired old horse. what happened to all the old republican rhetoric about large deficits "putting us back on the inflationary spiral," to borrow from old ronnie reagan?

+ santa fe new mexican: thousands in l.a. protest war. not the most discursive article.

+ reuters: kournikova says she doesn't have a tattoo. it must be a *really* slow news day over at reuters.

+ reuters: the 'emotional stress' pacemaker. i guess if your heart is that fragile, it's appropriate. but please ... as a society we're getting too "prozac'd out" ...

+ cnn: doctor to build another 'suicide machine' in the u.s. after watching a loved one suffer for months ... no miracles, no epiphanies ... die horribly, you understand the attraction.

+ counterpoint, generation x continues this morning.

+ well, you know ... it's monday the thirteenth. i mean, why should friday have all the fun?