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sun 12 jan 03

+ the sharper-eyed of you will notice a new item in the right side nav bar. 'counterpoint.' a place to deposit those interesting tidbits that overpower my little discussion group. in this case, i'm reformatting the discussion entries with paragraph permalinks (for reference between entries) and putting them into a breadcrumb-style trail so readers can follow along with our conversation in chronological order. the subject is the 'generation x' article linked two days ago. we will delve into the question until we all agree to say 'uncle!' check out our ramblings.

+ a couple of adobe texture shots, from canyon road today:

interesting adobe detail, santa fe, new mexico, january 12, 2003.

picturesque garbage, santa fe, new mexico, january 12, 2003.

+ a sunday spent walking, discussing deep concepts, and doing some backend website things.