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fri 10 jan 03

+ another sunset:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, january 10, 2003.

+ outlook news aggregator. via anil's daily links.

+ la times: art collectors, meet the negative and the print.

+ csm: tax cuts as 'stimulus', a global reality check. getting a little more real with cuts vs. growth. "... major tax cuts in the u.s. have 'modest effects' on growth - between 0.2 and 0.3 percentage points per year. that study, though, assumes cuts in the marginal tax rates (that on the last dollar earned) of 5 percentage points and a reduction in average tax revenues of 2.5 percentage points. those changes are bigger than the bush cuts." big bucks for very little result.

+ csm: state tax hikes may offset bush budget plan. profligate spending always comes due.

+ national geographic: dinosaur cannibals in new mexico! oh my.

+ webref: safer xml.

+ la times: white house steps up labor fight, denies screeners the right to organize. "mandatory collective bargaining is not compatible with the flexibility required to wage the war against terrorism." civil rights again.

+ bikemagic: lance armstrong to shill for coke. "coca-cola ... real."

+ abc: french scientists identify genetic code for truffles. now they can identify imposters. truffle clones? mon dieu!

+ smh.au: 'cat diesel power' caps are in, i guess.

+ health-news.uk: britain is considering racism as a public health issue.

+ reuters: ivory coast rebels pull out of peace talks. violence flares again.

+ usaid, fact sheet on rebuilding afghanistan.

+ washington post: payback in judges. "... the energy the pickering and owen battles will soak up may allow other ideological nominees to slip through." anyone have links on the other nominees, so we can judge their backgrounds?

+ reuters alertnet: iraq teetering on the brink of humanitarian disaster. in 'saving' the population, we could easily murder millions.

+ nj.com: cities pass resolutions that fight against terrorism must not destroy civil liberties.

+ ny times: the first europeans bring history to new york. hmmm. but i've encountered neanderthals in manhattan, in the 80's ...

+ the register: seagate ships an awful lot of hard drives. seagate is a maquiladora.

+ big roar. a pack of f-16's just flew over. i assume the 'air umbrella' over our north korean visitors.

+ the national interest: normative shift.

+ the simon: why gen x doesn't care that it doesn't care about the war. meta-self-absorption. i just happened to run across this, and it seemed proper to link it in association with the below. this is not intentionally aimed at my younger readers.

+ ny times letters to the editor: race and the party of lincoln.

+ ny times op-ed: the secret war on condoms. political/ideological premeditated murder, of the most horrible nature.

+ crosby, stills, nash and young: ohio. long time gone was written the night of bobby kennedy's untimely death. if anyone finds a good, in-depth link for 'the chicago eight', i'd appreciate a pointer to post here. i was born in 1959, but even as a youngster i remember the protests, the violence, the fear of nixon (common to replace the 'x' in his name with a swastika, at the time).

+ ny times editorial: detaining 'enemy combatants.' in which the ny times covers the ground i commented on yesterday, and visited in the discussion group. [starts at 'citizen's rights' by chris, about five or six down and works up.] my generation keeps forgetting that younger folks may have watched mtv while growing up, may dig the grateful dead, but don't really understand the genesis of the antiwar/peace movement. woodstock was a rock concert? not by a long shot. nor do they have any comparison from which to judge our suspicions of governmental power: kent state.

+ ny times: u.s. threatens to act against europeans over modified food. "how can we get the europeans to buy our gm products? hey, let's try guilt."

+ ny times: economy loses 101,000 jobs in december. the poor job growth statistics of republican presidents continues.

+ ny times: north koreans withdraw from arms treaty.

+ santa fe new mexican: easing restrictions on grey water. "... just because grey water would be legal wouldn't mean all of us would be using it legally - the bill only would allow for grey water that has somehow been filtered." grey water is efficient, and even good for plants. greywater central.

+ santa fe new mexican: north koreans meet with governor richardson.

+ be sure to check out the last ten or so links from yesterday. they were added very late last night.

+ working. a late start to blogging. momentum will remain problematic today; but then fridays are always slow around these parts.