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thu 09 jan 03

+ hey hal, you'll enjoy checking out the photos at "tam's old race car site." yowza. now *that* was racing. the early chaparral, the scarab ... great stuff. what a wonderful trove of fond memories.

+ telegraph.uk: scientists nail down the secret of the equine gallop. yo, check out my biceps, flicka.

+ nj.com: the cdc reports that raising tobacco prices in new hampshire curtailed teen smoking. no report on adult rates.

+ independent.uk: gunther von hagens, 'the plastinator', answers a few questions.

+ rediff.com: academic says 'lord of the rings' rooted in racism. and some people see alien missives in phone books, too.

+ daily times, pakistan: u.s. commits $3.5 million to aid afghan women.

+ dp review: sony comes through with the large capacity (256, 512 and 1 gig) memory stick pro. lexar will also be producing the sticks.

+ unix review: review of the python cookbook.

+ moscow times: a fascinating description of the shell that will encase chernobyl.

+ sheesh. my turn for busted permalinks. forgot to increment them after the start of the new year; hitting an item would search for a 2003 entry in the 2002 folder. fixed now. aggregators should be able to access the proper file now, once the next indexing happens at newsisfree. my apologies; i didn't notice ... and apparently noone else did, either.

+ the local news station is reporting on the richardson/north korea meeting. hasn't been updated since 2:00, but check their main site for updates. i was under the impression the meeting was going to be in alamogordo, not santa fe. that explains the heavy police presence (state troopers, sheriffs, santa fe city police) today around town.

+ the complete works of marlowe. via roland.

+ off for a 'business dinner.' back later.

+ bear with me. when i think of 'muscle car,' this is what i think of. looks like a flank steak with wheels. the cheetah was one hell of a car. bill thomas cheetah. gorgeous. cheetahracecars.org has some links to kit manufacturers. ah, someday. car would be virtually useless in santa fe, except on the interstate. doesn't mean i don't want one anyway.

+ anybody else have a cheetah slot car when they were a kid? check out what my brother sent me, for old time's sake. what memories:

the cheetah, chevrolet's cobra-killer.

+ cnn: 'hollywood' bill richardson, our new gov, to meet with the north koreans. later: oops. those of you in canada may get confused; not this bill richardson. thanks, j.j.!

+ prediction: the democrats will be broadsided by the 'class warfare' misdirection, when the big issue is what the impact this cut will have on revenues, and where we'll make up that distinct shortfall. after all, looks like we're getting a third war on (afghan war, 1, war on terrorism, 2). where's all this cash coming from? what programs are going to get the axe? i have a feeling the poor in america are about to get 'compassioned' to death.

+ pdf, income and tax distribution statistics, 1916 to 1986. a interesting overall coverage, and watch out for the 'adjusted gross income' voodoo. there's a lot of cash hidden by those three little words. complex as hell, isn't it? later note: uh-oh ...i see no mention of the alternative minimum tax. caveat emptor.

+ irs tax statistics. lots to learn here, in contrast with current news distortions. oh, those poor corporations ...

+ hope mike's move went ok. been a while since we've heard from him. been saving all my alien abduction and chupacabra links for 'im.

+ knowing poe.

+ against their will. north carolina's sterilization program.

+ rubáiyát of omar khayyám.

+ american prospect: new gang, old myths.

+ msnbc/newsweek: it's time for bush to explain the rationale for war.

+ neftegaz.ru: exxon sues greenpeace. those you can't shut up, litigate them into nonexistence.

+ cbs news: feds win big on citizen rights. what happens if a future president declares the opposing party "enemy combatants?"

+ the unseen gulf war. meant to link this yesterday. when i discussed 'm*a*s*h' the other day, i realize this is exactly why the program seems to have no traction in a 9/11 environment; the information that reaches us nowadays is filtered. craig deserves big thanks for finding this. via booknotes.

+ dpreview: minolta dimage f300, 5.3 megapixels in a smaller form factor. there are links to samples.

+ freshmeat: nautilus webgallery, amaya 7.1.

+ the register: a 'complicated' worm.

+ uru.

+ the new republic: the adjuster.. "the leveling of distinctions also serves as an intellectual labor-saving device. nothing is very new; nothing, maybe, ever was; nothing matters as much as you think it matters. menand came to believe that the pragmatists had learned from the civil war that ideals are dangerous because people may want to die for them." in a world where sensationalism blows up all stories, the 'critique' of this book makes it sound uniquely attractive. almost taoist.

+ slate: tolkein would have hated the movies.

+ salon: did the chinese discover america? this is what happens when publishers exist for profit motive alone. when they dump on-staff editors for freelance ones. there are more unworthy books polluting our canon than ever before.

+ sf gate: finding originality in the arts. i would note originality doesn't have to be a 180 degree change from the existing standards; just a one degree shift is enough. yet 'originality' in the arts brings up the image of violent change, stark disparity to existing work.

+ ny times letters to the editor: bush and the economy, the debate heats up.

+ ny times op-ed: the president confronts the majority congress he boosted to power. "eat pizza ethically." our gloriously corrupt congress, no different than any other congress.

+ ny times editorial: the revenge of trent lott. i would imagine you could torpedo pickering simply over church/state separation. theocratic pronouncements from the bench have no place in 'freedom of religion' america.

+ ny times: mccain and lieberman offer a bill to cut greenhouse gases.

+ ny times: debate erupts over testing pesticides on humans. "such studies have been conducted in the united states and overseas with volunteers who are paid from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000." a few hundred dollars to risk lifelong effects?

+ ny times: two scientists contend u.s. suppressed dolphin studies.

+ santa fe new mexican: average spring runoff expected. another dry year coming. i fervently hope the forests don't have to be shut down again.

+ nothing to say. just another winter morning here.