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wed 08 jan 03

+ you know, the original nomination of pickering was disturbing enough. his renomination is bizarre. 'playing politics' my eye. as if the political leanings of judicial nominees don't affect their rulings. puh-leez. in 2001, the federal judiciary was 42% reagan-bush appointees, 43% clinton appointees. i doubt that situation has remained in stasis. take the 'liberal' or 'activist' judiciary claim and dump it in the toilet, if you please. competence, or ideology?

+ i'll do a reagan [recall yesterday]. "so, a federal contractor gets fleeced. this is national news?"

+ people have been asking about the brouhaha at los alamos national labs. it's only an occasional front page item here, 30 miles away. santa fe new mexican article. "when tucker was informed about an fbi investigation into two individuals who allegedly used purchase orders to acquire more than $50,000 in personal goods, tucker indicated that $50,000 amounted to small potatoes at a laboratory with a budget of $2 billion ..." note, the university of california manages lanl under a contract from the department of energy. can't fault federal oversight here, necessarily. the los alamos monitor has an article done by a friend of mine, roger snodgrass, about credit card fraud. "credit card refresher training"?!! the text of john browne's resignation letter. as you read about lovely things like plutonium pits, remember to balance your viewpoint with the los alamos study group. as you can imagine, people downstream of us [downstream rio grande, that is] don't usually appreciate los alamos by-products in their water supply ...

+ it's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's gracie.

+ ready made mag.

+ more crayons.

+ renderosity.

+ washington times: the hispanic vote. as i've mentioned before, the hispanic vote in santa fe is not a predictable item ... not in the way washington would want to believe. neither dems nor repubs should assume bloc voting, nor should they take supposed 'support' for granted.

+ washington times: mexican authorities hit for unsolved murders. [ related ]

+ haaretz: given imaging receives medicare code for its camera-in-a-pill. no more whoopie-hose, and at what looks like a reasonable price.

+ webmasterbase: read and display server-side xml with javascript.

+ iafrica: salma hayek says racism is alive and well in hollywood. "you can never be a leading lady, because we can't take the risk of you opening your mouth and people thinking of their maids because that's what you sound like."

+ black world today: korea is iraq spelled backwards. "... if you are militarily strong, preferably armed with nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, like kim jong il, you are safe. if you are militarily weak, like saddam hussein, you are in trouble." second article i've run across hammering in this interpretation of our curious foreign policy efforts.

+ ny daily news: gimme cracked corn. peppercorn.

+ washington post letter to the editor: misplaced optimism on afghanistan.

+ wired: canada's blank cd tax. if you can't stop the piracy, tax the media used to record the contraband.

+ washington post: nuts about nukes.

+ sacbee: buckley, the rich get poorer. i weep for the corporations, i weep for the affluent ... don't you?

+ nasa earth observatory: scientists discover global warming linked to increase in tropopause height over last two decades. "this research undercuts claims by greenhouse skeptics that no warming has occurred during the last two decades." it looks as if they've found a concrete method of measuring not only greenhouse gas effect, but ozone depletion as well.

+ ananova: once again, the highbrow link o' the day. realistic imperial roman odours cause sickness.

+ freshmeat: indexedcatalog [zope].

+ zope 3 alpha 1.

+ the spectator: remembering to forget.

+ msnbc: women, wine and weapons. makes one il.

+ chronicle of higher ed: searching for respect. "look at the amount of energy that people invest in the passing on of privilege. ... a lot of white people object to affirmative action because it is viewed as giving unfair advantages to black people, and they don't perceive the upper middle class's ability to pass on privileges through networks, summer jobs, internships, all kinds of things."

+ ny times op-ed: how a republican desegregated the south's schools. there's another story, how the 'dark prince' masterfully twined states rights, local control, and desegregation into a palatable whole.

+ ny times letter to the editor: careful with korea, brash with iraq. "many korean-american families still have their loved ones in north korea. the bush administration should put an immediate stop to the senseless policy that betrays our fundamental values respecting all human life."

+ ny times editorial: the wrong stimulant. get ready to hear the coolidge tax cut line from the republicans again. "tax cuts result in more revenues for the government because of the increased prosperity of the country." we snorted that line in the 20's, again in the 80's, and paid the price both times. are we stupid enough to do it again?

+ ny times: tributaries to the musical mainstream.

+ ny times: einstein was right. about the velocity of gravity. well, within a 20% margin.

+ ny times: danes refute lomborg. "the environment is a field where, when people do some light calculations like lomborg did, it's easy to argue for a happy-times kind of conclusion."

+ ny times: states fear a double-whammy from tax plan. "if the goal is to stimulate the economy through business activity and bring back states more rapidly, this was, perhaps, an unintended consequence." the potential for a huge deficit, *and* bankrupt states and cities.

+ santa fe new mexican: big doings in taos ... over the building of a wal-mart supercenter. "journeyman butchers make about $15 to $18 an hour, and experienced clerks make $14 an hour, he said. wal-mart can't touch that ..."

+ silva rhetoricae. the forest of rhetoric. via mefi.

+ coyotes were howling outside the window again last night.