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tue 07 jan 03

+ telegraph.uk: oil prices ease as opec production rise looms. amazing how fast the u.s. petroleum industry can raise prices at the drop of opec's hat, but take forever to drop those prices upon increase in supply.

+ meed.com: saudis hire top law firm to improve image in u.s. "the company is headed by former texan republican congressman tom loeffler, one of president bush’s top fundraisers and close to vice-president dick cheney." coniurationes.

+ hello mag: daniel day-lewis returns to obscurity. he turned down the part of aragorn in 'lord of the rings?' say it ain't so!

+ ah, ananova: fashion shame drives teens to truancy. you can always count on them for the highbrow link o' the day.

+ all africa: clashes in the west are worsening the humanitarian situation in ivory coast. 400,000 people on the hoof. santa fe is a population of around 85,000. human tragedies hidden behind a cold, heartless number.

+ i come back from walking up to the local store, and there's a huge s.u.v. in my driveway. i knock on the window; a young lady is blathering on her cell phone. she rolls down her window, waves her hand at me (as if i'm interrupting) "oh, i'm just making a call." my response: "would you mind doing it in the public right-of-way, and not in my private driveway?" she went off in a huff. i live on a nice empty dirt road, off a paved road with wide shoulders. she left a nice oil stain in her wake, too.

+ someone came by looking for "callist* fl*ckh*rt galleries." sorry. i likes mah women with curves, thank ye very much. [obscured to avoid re-indexing.]

+ boston globe: a partisan renewal for gephardt. "you could easily imagine him delivering an acceptance speech at boston's national convention 18 months hence and driving the place wild." sorry, i think the man carries too much baggage. fresh blood. i hope the democratic party doesn't make the 'dole' mistake ... don't grant candidacy based on what is 'owed' someone politically [thinking of both gephardt and lieberman].

+ linux today: apple launches browser based on khtml engine. open source; steve jobs and team "think its great." obviously.

+ dp review: canon eos-d60 discontinued?

+ "is it news that some fellow out in south succotash someplace has just been laid off, that he should be interviewed nationwide?" - ronald reagan, march 16, 1982. the bonzo years.

+ washington monthly: reagan's liberal legacy. the current crop of so-called biographers lie through their teeth; not unlike the object of their admiration. as if the reagan deficit in the first four years of his presidency didn't almost equal the *cumulative* deficits since the beginning of the republic in 1789.

+ just chock full of important news stories today, but i've got other things to accomplish. later.

+ business today: sometimes there is hope. abbott offers rheumatoid arthritis drug for free, until medicare has a prescription drug benefit.

+ final call: homelessness, hunger rise in america. "requests for emergency food assistance increased an average of 19 percent over the past year ..." again, we begin to reflect the reagan years more and more.

+ zdnet: macromedia updates coldfusion mx.

+ builder.com: patience is the key when dealing with a difficult consultant.

+ pak tribune: scholar talks about women's rights in islam.

+ women's enews: radio shock jock pushes limits of sexist gab. ah, it's not just in the visual arts that we see a 'race to the bottom.' why scream about andre serrano's "piss christ," which has a very small audience, when someone like the individual mentioned in this article is allowed to reach millions? misplaced priorities.

+ jordan times: bahraini women protest islamic divorce courts.

+ zdnet: beware the xml 'blob.'

+ the inflatable church.

+ washington post: committing 'class warfare.' bush is making a mistake here; 'class warfare' sounds like a lot of fun. after all, we are the underdogs in the fight ... he stands on the other side.

+ greenpeace: greenpeace confronts dow chemical with poison from bhopal. "... the death toll stands at 20,000 and is rising every day." [ related ]

+ seattle times editorial: the tightening noose on civil liberties.

+ reason: silence on war crimes. russia must be pressured into dealing with chechnya in a civilized manner ... and america should be exercising that pressure.

+ ny daily news: feds are painting martha stewart into a corner.

+ linux journal: open-source 'derivative works.'

+ linux planet: sgi busts into linux with 64 bit scalability.

+ dp review: konica and minolta to merge.

+ wired: san francisco goes for solar.

+ the register: department of homeland security cast in privacy role.

+ new york review of books: fixed opinions, or the hinge of history. i watch reruns of the television show m*a*s*h, and see them again for the first time. it seems terribly simple, terribly naive. looking over the gulf that 9/11 created, i have to keep telling myself that those morals, those thoughts are not gone. we're just in another historical cycle ... all shall occur, and all shall pass.

+ washington monthly: why everyone on npr sounds the same. working theory: they beat the raelians to cloning.

+ chicago tribune: define 'plagiarism.'

+ slate: dump the old cd standard. it'll sound so much better, but no copying allowed.

+ spiked-online: measuring culture.

+ ny times op-ed: all news media, inc. the movement in which weblogs may become the only hope for unfiltered rubbish to get published.

+ ny times op-ed: a nuclear horror story. in which both private industry and federal regulators almost screw the pooch. anyone for privatization without regulation? oh, that's right. we have a republican majority. potassium iodide pills. make a note to stock up on 'em ...

+ ny times: signs of survival in a frozen forest. ever held a winter wren? they're *tiny*. hang out with a bird-bander sometime, someone who's a member of the a.o.u. - you'll have a blast.

+ ny times: ivory coast rebels may withdraw from peace talks. predictable. note, i've been following ivory coast for a while now; it's finally starting to hit the 'mainstream' media on a regular basis. the vultures gather, waiting for atrocities to publicize ... instead of focusing the world's attention to prevent a disaster.

+ ny times: bush welcomes slower approach to north korea. and continues to confuse us, based on his oft-stated iraq response triggers.

+ ny times: it's been no secret that the republican philosophy has believed that a sharply stratified society is a healthy one. the politics of portfolios: bush bets on an 'investor class.' and the issues that might affect the application of this philosophy, financial dominoes and income taxes. there's more spin being bandied about on this subject in the last 48 hours than i've seen in a coon's age. op-eds: "the charles schwab tax cut," and "an irrelevant proposal." there's a feeling of 'inevitability' about this dividend tax repeal that i dislike, given that we're a democracy.

+ santa fe new mexican: horse owners advised to vaccinate for west nile. interesting, that there is a vaccination for horses, but not for people.

+ after the holidays, i feel rudderless. having a hard time screwing down and getting things to happen. it'll pass.