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mon 06 jan 03

+ pixelgenius photokit. filters for photoshop digital file bliss.

+ geourl.org. got a lotta neighbors.

+ images came through jpg a bit soft, but i'll leave 'em. you get the idea. later: i did a little dust-cleaning, and shrank a variant of that sunset down to 1280x1024. suitable for desktops, i think. anyway, some folks have been asking for me to make some desktops of this stuff. that's one.

+ closeup of the other day's sunset, scanned from photo:

sunset closeup, santa fe.

+ my visitor the other day ... looking for roadrunners, and not happy with me:

wile e. coyote.

+ the image you had in your head is your problem, not mine.

+ nice-tits.org.

+ edge.org, world question center: alan alda's reply. "i will simply ask permission to put a glass of water on your desk every day with little things swimming in it. sooner or later, you'll slip and drink from it, and while you're in the hospital, we can talk about the billion or so people who have nothing else to drink."

+ aidsmap: women's health and hiv research ethics. the penalties for rape and sexual abuse should go up sharply from current levels, in a world plagued by aids. it is the premeditated murder of more than one life, all too often.

+ nj.com: british foreign secretary says war against iraq less likely. has anyone told george?

+ de tocqueville: tyranny of the majority. scroll down to the section heading. everything you ever needed to understand about america, you can learn from a frenchman.

+ jang.com: evolution of islamic thought. "... islam lies buried beneath the heap of retrograde legalism, its spirit smothered by centuries of obscurantism, clericalism, fanaticism, despotism and fundamentalism." alas, the same can be said for christianity. good thing protestant leaders can't issue fatwas or excommunicate.

+ ninemsn: forty percent of nuns sexually abused. then again, the dark ages aren't that far away. only a thin veneer of enlightenment separates us.

+ geotimes.

+ ananova: romanian virgin mary cries. something else is running, too.

+ two from dp review: adobe announces photoshop album software, and 4 gig microdrive coming.

+ maximum pc: geforce fx benchmarks.

+ economist.com, yesterday: in praise of clutter. you really don't want to see my office at this moment.

+ ny times: the burden of american empire.

+ philly.com: degas and the dance.

+ detroit free press: artists use technology in paintings.

+ ny times: sending your coding projects out of the country might beget some surprises.

+ ny times: paris in winter, the 'city of darkness.' seasonal affective disorder, widespread apparently.

+ ny times: sterilization offer to addicts raises ethics issue. good lord. i had to check my watch to make sure this wasn't the dark ages.

+ ny times: bush stimulus plan would eliminate tax on dividends. and up goes the deficit. i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times ... ride those supply-siders out of town on a rail. the rich will be 'laffering' all the way to their offshore banks ...

+ cnn: the case of the dog doo. do it on your own property, pooch.

+ santa fe new mexican: the cumbres and toltec scenic railway may run out of steam.

+ reuters: backpacks don't hurt kids. kids wielding backpacks hurt kids.

+ a couple of solar lights got popped off and spread around the lawn. surprised that the garbage can stayed in place. every car, tree and building has tumbleweeds piled on the west side, combed out of the wind. all in all, minimal impact.

+ the wind was plowing through here like a freight train after sunset. gotta go outside and see if anything got blown away ... like small cars.

+ gotta 'turn and burn' today, plow through some immediate deadlines. linkage will probably be short today.