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sun 05 jan 03

+ the 'three colors' trilogy will be out on dvd in march. finally. still waiting for le hussard ...

+ didn't have my 'long snuggies' on. sorry. got it on film, from the house. maybe that'll pan out.

+ okay, say "i told you so." i should have stayed up there for another hour:

sunset, santa fe, december 5, 2003.

+ took a slog through the snow/mud, and came across a great outcropping from which to capture sunsets. this is at about 3; clouds are moving in. i figure if i frequent this spot regularly for a couple of weeks, i should get some great ones:

the catbird perch for great sunsets.

+ washington post: did you catch that? here it thought it was only me. not confined to teens; many sound like 'crazy eddy' ...

+ by no means will this be as prolific a blog day as yesterday. other things on the agenda.

+ gulf news: students design system to clean up oil spills. note three *female* students at u.a.e. university.

+ guardian.uk: builders face huge 'flood tax' to meet the cost of climate change. global warming as windfall for hydro engineers.

+ star telegram: cd reveals the true beauty of an irish piper's art. mark this one down on my list.

+ some artists shouldn't do retrospectives ... the ny times pan's joni mitchell's efforts.

+ bbc 'billblog': when every picture tells a story. with cameras on cellphones, what will this mean for personal privacy? it means, get ready for low-rez candid shots of yourself being searchable. you know, the ones your friend took where your hair is a mess and your tongue is sticking out while you're flapping your gums.

+ ny times letters to the editor: fair shake for religion. this one's an eye-opener. do church/state issues single out religious institutions from receiving disaster aid? that's not fair. i'd like to verify that one.

+ ny times letters to the editor: can democrats change channels? limbaugh disseminates straw-man arguments and such. why compete at that low level? illuminate current legislation by broadcasting (print, radio, television) stories and documentaries discussing the actual situation ... on a local level. needs coordination, needs money. but what a statement it would make.

+ ny times editorial: wizard's chess. i expect other major flare-ups to appear. bush has unwisely thrown down the gauntlet worldwide; many nations will be smart enough to coordinate their 'uprisings.' it's their only chance ... we can only spread our forces so thin.

+ ny times: what 'battle of the network stars' hath wrought.

+ ny times: why a centrist wants universal health coverage. senator john breaux of louisiana. you couldn't have surprised me more; he's a member of the conservative-leaning 'blue dog' democrats. watch this story.

+ santa fe new mexican: where's buffalo bill *really* buried?

+ ny times: u.s puts limits on california's thirst. ay-yay. people still get shot over water rights here in the west. keep yer eyes peeled, and yer head *down.*

+ ny times: killing bugs in mexico city.

+ reuters: russia pledges help over korean nuclear row. pooty-poot to the rescue?

+ reuters: casualties minimal in new iraq war. so we expect less than a thousand casualties, the cost of war is going to be a bargain, comparatively, and it will probably take less than ten days. given that iraq has been pummeled with sanctions for ten years, inspectors are finding no wmd's ... it would be so easy to take a cheap shot. i'll leave it to your imagination.

+ another beautiful sunrise. don't know why, but my sleep rhythm seems to be synching with getting up early these days.