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sat 04 jan 03

+ sunset was cool, but it went on film. somebody who tried to bite me, instead:

this horse has unresolved issues with men.

+ enough. it's a weekend. off to do other things ...

+ first things: moral clarity in a time of war. the statement: "... there are times when waging war is morally necessary to defend the innocent and to promote the minimum conditions of international order" sounds fine on its face, but the minimum conditions of international order change. that makes this author's 'morality' more a matter of what's fashionable at the time. i agree with dave - i don't agree with everything in the article, but it touches on ideas worth thinking about. via time's shadow.

+ new scientist: air ionisers wipe out hospital infections. cool.

+ primer on cd-r. via monsieur monquis.

+ washington post: the new g.o.p. takes on term limits. "... an acknowledgment on the part of republicans that running government is a serious business in which experience counts." to credit the g.o.p. with 'learning' this lesson is ridiculous, when the 'lesson' has been patently clear for dozens of years. i think the 'contract with america' junto merely wanted to encourage the ejection of longstanding democrats from the house of representatives. at the time, the republicans had nothing to lose from such a strategy. now, today, it will jeopardize their thin majority. self-interest, not some grandiose moral awakening. so, what promises will we hear this session, that will be retracted in the next year or two, simply for political expediency? campaign finance? enron? beware the sales pitch. that hot rod may be an edsel.

+ artnet: boudoir life.

+ iht: catlin and the noble indians.

+ iht: the clash was musical; don't tell a soul.

+ linux journal: which major pc vendor will sell desktop linux first?

+ slashdot: the plastic fractal magnet.

+ vigiwatch. detects radiation.

+ ny times letters to the editor: facing the threat of north korea. and the public speaks, loud and clear. cool.

+ ny times editorial: can the courts save the wilderness? and, a guide with attitude.

+ ny times: troubles aside, martha stewart adds to empire. "... regardless of what happens to ms. stewart, the martha stewart living omnimedia show must go on."

+ ny times: bush to propose a $600 billion economic stimulus plan. the impact on revenues is not mentioned.

+ guardian.uk: the importance of framing.

+ ny times: the 30th anniversary edition of 'the joy of sex.' in which you find out whether to shave your pits, dearie.

+ foreign policy mag thinks the demonization of 'big media' is all wrong. no mention of clear channel communications.

+ alternet: foreign policy loses its logic. "if we can't make peace with an utterly defeated nation like north korea, we're in trouble. from columbine to weimar germany, humiliating those with nothing to lose is always a recipe for disaster."

+ santa fe new mexican: government grants awarded to religious groups to advance marriage. "... the government on thursday sent money from its child support programs to religious and nonprofit organizations so they can promote marriage." there's an explanation of 'the marriage coalition' three-quarters of the way down this page. community services for children has a website.

+ times of india: korean crisis may weaken u.s./china ties. first mention i've seen of a much more worrisome malady ... an east asian nuclear arms race. a nuclear japan, a nuclear south korea.

+ times of india: nine pakistani nuclear scientists have 'absconded.' best find them. soon.

+ bbc: ivory coast rebels agree to talks. for more info, "who are the rebels?" and "why the fighting?"

+ reuters: memory may have a 'social' component.

+ cnn: man who worked at white house indicted. i must assume security screening is a bit better now, post 9/11.

+ the pressure of the holidays is melting away. as that happens, my stuttering tends to flare. normally it's unnoticeable (to others, at least), but over the last few days it's been peaking. i've gone from branagh in 'hamlet' (clear) to palin in 'a fish called wanda' (frequent blocks).

nice thing about weblogging is, nobody has to know you can't say 'cathcart towers' ... (grin) ...

+ 6:36 a.m., and there's just a limn of orange/yellow in the east. woke up at six, wide awake. unusual for me. especially on a weekend.