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fri 03 jan 03

+ good night, mrs. calabash ... wherever you are.

+ bored of sunsets yet? didn't think so:

another nice sunset, in the pink.  santa fe, january 03, 2003.

+ sacramento bee: william f. buckley, starve them out. asking the hard question.

+ irinnews: 60,000 liberian refugees are trapped in ivory coast, near the front line.

+ physics web, dec. 20: top 10 physics highlights of the year.

+ blivet: ian goes on walkabout.

+ scotsman opinion: american gun culture is an export nobody wants. an interesting statistic about the invention of the colt revolver: "the mass production and sale of his weapon sent u.s. homicide rates soaring far above britain's, which is broadly where they’ve been ever since." now, i'd like to verify that stat, to use in discussions with friends. where to start looking? journalists should give us footnotes ...

+ frustreggation. aggregator-frustration. some great articles, but the links point to archived (unreachable without $$) or dead links. makes me wanna whack the monitor, sometimes. damn, that would have been a great link.

+ telegraph.uk: head of raelians was 'jesus christ superstar.' that tickles the funny bone, too.

+ new scientist: habitable planets may be common. well, that's good news. we'll need a new one, sooner than later, seems like.

+ cue evil laugh. via vowe.net.

+ ah, you're in the pink, dan.

+ xml and web services: validate xml against multiple schemas.

+ php builder: moving logic into the database.

+ people's daily, china: ancient tablet on environmental protections discovered. "... banned tree-felling and called for efforts to restore pastures or return farmland to woodlands. it also warned those in violation of the decree would be dealt with harshly and exiled to remote regions."

+ ny times: u.s trying to save a washington state forest by cutting it down. misleading title, appropriate concerns. they're going to thin ... but as we've seen, 'thinning' can be jargon for full-scale logging. this article provides none of the information required to judge the operation.

+ iht: international arts guide - where to go, what to see.

+ dp review: stolen nikon d-100's and 2500's in germany.

+ times of india: china concerned as u.s. joins taiwan war games. if we engage iraq, and possibly have to deter north korea, taiwan will be an easy grab for china. as foreign leaders wise up, 2003 is only going to get more interesting, geopolitically. [that doesn't mean i'm looking forward to it, by the way.]

+ times of india: ivory coast rebels get free hand to attack.

+ csm: built for the bard. shakespeare's perfect theatre, in massachusetts.

+ project syndicate: invasion of the culture-snatchers. interesting. puts me in mind of what i noticed in the late 80's ... travelling extensively for work, major metropolitan areas in america were becoming generic, chains taking over the regional cuisine, clothing, architecture. i don't want a big mac in new orleans; i want local cuisine. apparently, i'm not in the mainstream. read umberto eco, 'travels in hyperreality', if you ever have the opportunity.

+ ny times letters to the editor: cut-rate war [chuckles] and layoffs in the midst of excess.

+ ny times op-ed: when tv commercials play the doctor. cue the the hippocratic oath.

+ ny times op-ed: the forgotten forest product, water.

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, games nations play. blackmail, my eye. i've said it before, i'll say it again - *poker* is the game of strategists. min/max. von neumann. [ related ]

+ you can imagine there's a lot of activity in the local rags about the director of los alamos national lab deciding to quit. ny times is more comprehensive, at the moment.

+ ny times: "we are all christians. it's our duty to know and respect each other. this is how it should be everywhere. it isn't."

+ ny times: rock climbing in joshua tree.

+ ny times: hurricane winds and floods wreak havoc across europe. hope all my european friends are high and dry.

+ santa fe new mexican: financially, new mexico the envy of other states. funny concept, really. but hats are off to exiting republican governor gary johnson, who did the *right* thing, vs. the party line. have fun in the himalayas, mr. johnson.

+ santa fe new mexican: national security fears to infringe scientific research.

+ "you'll notice i can pernounce 'em if they're syllable-ized." - jimmy durante.

+ reuters: female sexual problems being 'medicalized.' manufacturing victim mentality, as marketing.

+ cnn: no commercial airliner deaths in the u.s. for 2002. "small private planes were not as safe" ... single engine craft would be, with ballistic parachute systems. speaking of which, i found some pictures a box last night of the little beech sport i learned on. brought back some fond memories. haven't been at the yoke in years, however. haven't had the spare cash.

+ cnn: oh no. please, don't do it.

+ houston chronicle: helen thomas, whose side are you on, mr. president? $250,000 cap! give me a freakin' break ... that's peanuts to the transgressor.

+ sf gate: shooting the messenger - layoff poll funds cut. "coincidentally, the same conclusion was reached in 1992 when the first president bush canceled the mass-layoffs statistics program amid election-year charges that he had bungled handling of the economy." just can't trust the man. thanks, chim-chim.

+ i was remiss yesterday in not pointing to the latest iteration of the bloggies. go and vote for your faves.

+ mouse-qaeda terrorists in the ceiling overhead again. time for wmd's ... more mouse traps. now, i patched all the holes this summer. i thought. blasted pain-in-the-arse little buggers.