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thu 02 jan 03

+ star tribune: taiko. making music while you exercise.

+ vox unique. "... custom cd-r's of rare and otherwise unavailable recordings from the vox catalogue."

+ times of india: bush sr. and clinton mulled pre-emptive strikes against north korea.

+ ny times letters to the editor: is the church/state wall crumbling? the jesuit who mentions education of native americans in the 19th and 20th centuries ... good god. any recognition of the devastation wrought by those institutions? missionary schools have their lonely graveyards, ones that have been horrifically populated right into the 60's, as i've mentioned in previous posts. there's another angle, that the political binding of social reform to religion is merely an attempt to prop up organized religion's diminishment in the face of knowledge and enlightenment. it's a regular historical pattern, one that civilization is destined to keep playing out again and again.

+ ny times: foes of abortion push for major bills in congress. damned double-talk, on both sides. will the dogma run over the karma, or vice-versa?

+ ny times: did you have your hoppin' john yesterday? better believe it.

+ hello mag: michael gambon to assume role of 'albus dumbledore.' and, "the goblet of fire" will begin filming immediately after "the prisoner of azkaban."

+ chicago tribune: the beauty of imperfection. hear, hear. let's hear it for the asymmetric.

+ nj.com: son of 1957 civil rights figure shot and killed. sad. but he was shooting an assault rifle into the air; whether he should have been *killed* will remain an open question until the end of time ... but the wisdom of his actions can be condemned. police regularly shoot children waving realistic plastic guns. even the most dim among us should expect a lethal response to such actions as this young man demonstrated. just by happenstance, dead men are also unable to offer rationalizations.

+ economist: allies, not lickspittles. predictions of the 108th congress, coming january 7.

+ the cave of chauvet-pont-d'arc.

+ i'm back, but i just can't get back into the blogging shtick just yet.

+ it's 7 a.m. here; trip to albuquerque this morning. no posts till much later today.