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sun 29 dec 02

+ got that baby on film, too. print film, unfortunately, but the rez'll be better than my digital. lawdy, what a sunset.

+ sunset this evening, a great one. so many levels of interest:

sunset, santa fe, december 29, 2002.

+ times of india: north korea got nuclear parts from pakistan ... via coffin. instruments of death delivered by death itself. how darkly poetic.

+ times of india: iran clerics say death by stoning may be stopped. "other methods" ... will using lethal injections for adultery make this situation any less horrible?

+ times.uk: the great novelists not fit for duty in this war of words.

+ ny times: reading milton; unsafe at any speed?

+ slate: say cheese.

+ then again, time has passed. i have holes in my recital. maybe in my copious free time i'll restore those missing parts. palaces of memory.

+ ny times op-ed: lost eloquence. if we ever meet, ask me to recite edgar allen poe's "the raven." had to memorize the whole blasted thing for some class; i *think* i could still do it.

+ ny times op-ed: states of alarm. see yesterday's post here about republicans and deficit spending. when democrats are forced to raise taxes, they should be speaking loudly about lack of fiscal responsibility in previous administrations. one must make sure voters understand who cost them money.

+ santa fe new mexican: keeping up with bill richardson. 2008?

+ ny times: limiting lawsuits, the texas way.

+ ny times: the republicans try to redefine civil rights.

+ ny times: french reinforcements arrive in ivory coast.

+ ny times: the burden of tolerance in a world of division. the attempt to polarize every bleeding thing in our society works against common sense. life just ain't that simple.

+ ny times/ap: bush named 'most admired american' in poll. gag. ack. barf. good reason to not be a poll-driven pundit.

+ cnn: russia kicks out the u.s. peace corps.

+ cnn: colin powell says the north korea situation is not a crisis. definition of crisis.

+ and i *prefer* the slower pacing of foreign films, compared to the flash/cut of current american cinema.

+ decided to fill a hole in my cinematic 'flickroll,' and rented 'barry lyndon.' didn't connect with me. i found it beautiful, but detached and ponderous. anything that wasn't predictable was narrated to you ahead of time. period-pieced to endless lengths. others have been more impressed. if i'd known ahead of time that special lenses were crafted by zeiss to film the candlelit scenes, i might have been more receptive.

+ karl's got the overview of the 'year in reviews.'

+ grey, cold.